Whatya making.

I have been slowly working on this little blast from my childhood. He’s taken most of the week.

It’s taken the whole morning just to do the scales.

I finished another character off late last night, thanks to the advise on here when i was stuck on the head shaping section.

Uploading: 20191006_121551.jpg…

Anyone recognise what it is?

What has everybody else been working on?

The photo didn’t post. Try using the landscape icon in the center top of the Reply box to load a photo.

I did use that icon. Not sure why it wont load. I’ll tey again later.

Still working on the Professor Sweater. It’s for my grandson who is 2, but I would like to have this finished before he is 18!!! I now have to unknit the collar rows (7to be exact), since I noticed an issue with the wrap & turn…ugh!!!