What's your opinion?

I’m thinking of asking for

thisbook for my bday, what do y’all think of it? For those of you who’ve seen it, can I still use my ML on it, or do I have to use 2 circs?

I don’t have it yet, but I want it. I’d ask for it if I were you.

Don’t know for sure, but I would be surprised if ML didn’t work just as well as 2 circs.

I would think you could still use Magic Loop too.

I have it, and you can totaly do magic loop!:thumbsup: you just need to pay attention (as with any pattern) and follow her directions! The ‘master’ socks are like the how-to, then she offers more patterns using each master as a template. Very cool, and a great way to give you the confidence to design your own socks :slight_smile: