What's your interpretation of these instructions?

Hi everyone:cheering:I am working this pattern: :knitting:OneStitchBabySet #20289 by lion brand yarn… how would you work the inc…I did only the RS (as pattern says too) and did not come up with 81sts…company responded that I work every row…How would you work it? Rs only or every row??? Thanks for your input:shrug:

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Tried to “link” it for everyone…won’t work…but I did include the pattern number…it’s under “free” knitting patterns…Thank you!!!

This part…?

[B]Beg Sleeve Shaping[/B]
Inc 1 st at each end of every RS row

Did you inc at both ends?

Link to pattern for anyone who wants to look at it - http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kce-oneStitchBabySet.html?noImages=0

Yep that’s what I mean…What am I missing??? I inc every RS row, Do I inc at the last stitch then when I switch needles do an inc at the beg??? How did you know to inc at each end…why am I having a brain fart??? The pat says every RS row, so I skip the WS…avey maria…

O.k. let me ask this: Is there no RS and WS when working garter stitch??? Isn’t RS “public side”? Yikes… I am overloading…

In garter stitch, you decide which is the RS; place a safety pin or piece of yarn to mark it. Inc a stitch at the beginning of the row, then one at the end of the row too. Knit back the next row (ws), then inc 2 sts on the following row (rs).

Yep Suzeeq, that’s what I did, I had a RS and WS, the patt reads: inc 1 st on RS, so when I was on the WS, I did not inc 1 st at the end of the row…I only inc on end RS only, therefore, I wasn’t coming up with total 81 sts. If it says inc “end of row RS” How would I know to inc 1 st at beg??? So the beg of WS row is acually end of RS? That’s where you get inc at end??? Thanks

Noooo. Look at the instructions again that I copied above - it says to inc at [B]each [/B]end of RS row; that means [B]both[/B] the beginning and the end. Inc when you start the RS row, as well as at the end of the row. That way you inc 2 sts on that row, none on the WS row.

Suzeeq…Thanks for taking the time to answer me…after reading the pattern, dreaming of the pattern and looking at this blog :wall::wall: the magic words are: AT EACH END…:figureditout::eyes: Will I always be a newbie:hair: :waah: :whoosh:
Thanks again:muah:Cheley

Lotsa people overlook that simple little word `each’. At least you’re not alone.

Hi Suzeeq…you were so helpful on the beg of this pattern…can you help me on the part the say "workk to correspond to Left
Front, REV SHAPING…ETC. How do I rev the shaping??? duh:cry: thank you cheley

Make a mirror image of the shaping you did for the Left Front. They were done on the RS for the left, do them on the WS for the right.

:woohoo: Thank you…does that “rule” apply always??? Thanks again Cheley

Generally yes, I think it does.