What's your favorite?

Hi guys, I’m needing some opinions here. Spring is (hopefully) on the way and I’d like to get to work on some spring /summer stuff. I have tried using cotton yarns in the past and I don’t like them, especially the stretch factor. It seems like one side looks great but the other looks all wonky no matter what I do with it. What is everyone’s favorite cotton or lightweight yarn? I spent way too much money on yarn that looked so pretty - which I ended up not liking as I knitted with it! - before I discoverd my LYS (both of them YAY!!) and I am slowly becoming a huge yarn snob. Thanks! Deb

bumping for responses (cause I’d like to know too :slight_smile: )

Bumping to where? (I’m from Pittsburgh too.)

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I haven’t used all too many cotton yarns, but I really like Knitpicks Shine Sport:

Really? I actually didn’t care for it. But it was a while ago that I tried it.

Have you tried blends?

Cascade Pima Tencel comes to mind. It’s a bit softer than most cotton due to the tencel and most of the things I have seen knit up from it look really nice.

Rowan has a cotton that is well liked. Rowan Calmer (list is about $11.95 for 50 grams) It’s more than I would want to pay for cotton, but those who use it seem to really like it! 75% cotton and 25% microfiber, so it has more “give” than straight cotton.

I think the rowan sale Ingrid listed on the general board the other day had some of this one sale.

yarndex.com and jimmybeans both list customer reviews of yarn. You can search yarndex.com by fiber and check out yarns and read any reviews that are posted.

Mama Bear

I like Tahki Cotton Classic. shiny and bright.

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I used Elsebeth Lavold’s cotton patine once for a sweater (that never got finished…) and I thought it was a dream to work with! It’s dk weight if I remember correctly…