What's your favorite "travel" project?

I’m leaving Wednesday for Charleston (about a 5 hr. car ride) and will return on Sunday. The following Wednesday I am leaving for Providence RI which is probably a 3 hour plane ride (don’t know…never been there…can’t remember what the Itinary says). I’m working on a baby sweater that I hope to have finished once I return from Charleston. I’m also working on the my so called scarf which might be a good one to take…I have sock in progress too…

What’s your favorite type of “traveling” project?

I like to take my sock stuff which is hanging on my chair in the kitchen. It’s a great bag meant for carrying milk cartons and all my sock things are in there. I was in the car today and made one sandal sock and began another sock. I like to do something rather mindless in the car, but things not too big. Baby sweaters I take along too, and hats or mittens work for me. Have a great trip!!! samm :lol:

All I brought on vacation was sock yarn and 5 pairs of Addis. :smiley:

I have a pair of socks going and I was loving it but then I really messed up the gusset…I had to pull it out down to the ribbing before my heel flap. I’ve knitted back to the end of the flap and I’m ready to pick up stitches–I tried it once and came up w/ the wrong number of stitches. I got frustrated and put it down and it’s been several months since I’ve picked them back up again. I really want to get back to it…

You can do it :smiley:

Scrafs are always good to knit in cars (read: Scarves)…


Socks and facecloths! Both are easily portable and facecloths are quick to make.

I’ve noly done socks so far, but I’ll think I’ll do some “Christmas facecloths” this summer and scarves, too; we have a 4 hour drive to our son’s every month or so now (instead of 10 hours twice a year), so I need to start some small Christmas gifts!

I’m afraid that I don’t have a favorite traveling project…I take whatever strikes my fancy @ the time.
There’s a nice yarn shop in Charleton, Knit.

thanks rebecca…I’ve looked up that shop and will likely visit–the forcast says scattered t-showers the entire time I’m there so I’m sure I’ll have some shopping time!

Scarves or blankets…something that doesn’t take a lot of instruction reading and can handle potholes in the road. LOL!!! Sweaters would be good if you’re on a front or back panel and it isn’t an intricate pattern. Never knitted on a plane, but depending on who your “seatmates” are, that could be a pain…if they’re ones that have to be up and down all the time. (Aren’t I just the cheerful one? LOL!!)

Since I’m not that experienced or great a knitter. when traveling for me the simpler the better. I hate hitting a bump and then having to pick up a stitch…stockinette is bad enough, I can’t imagine it if I was doing lace or cables or something. :shock: