What's your favorite stitch marker?

I’m still a fairly new knitter and all… so I was curious as to what is everyones favorite stitch markers to use and as to if there are various sizes for needles 11 and up. I mainly use yarn as a marker, but I’d like to get some pretty ones just for the heck of it to add to my collection of knitting ‘equipment.’ Now if I say it that way, I can justify to myself getting another knitting trinket or toy to oogle :thumbsup:

These are my favorite markers. They come in a larger size, too.

and these are my 2nd favorite. They also come in 2 sizes.

I don’t much care for the fancey beaded ones - I find them too heavy to actually use. While they are ‘pretty’ and nice to have and look at, they just are not practical - I’d rather spend my stash money on yarn that I can use rather then tools just to look at.

Hiya Mirl

That’s why I like the ones I use http://www.countonknit.com - all the new ones are very light.

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I had some lovely markers made for me by REVS in the Winter Wonderland swap. I almost always use those now, they’re beautiful!

Nothing fancy, just soft ring markers. I use purple for the end and green for the middle. :mrgreen:

I like these the most, but I do have a few fancy ones. These also come in small.

Whatever is handy at the time-waste yarn, paper clips, rubber bands. I can never find my stitch markers when I need them. I’ve got to reorganize my knitting bag!

usually enough to share, and or sell
I love making them for my work, I can make them heavy or light, MANY MANY of the same ones, or a few varieties of a similar design
making them is so much fun, and having enough for any project I M working on.
I also have the plastic rings, and safety pins, and paper clips, for backups


Like everyone says what is at hand. I do have the pin ones but I do love my fancy ones. I made them myself because I couldn’t afford to buy them. Some are really expensive.
Our own Elli on KH makes some beautiful ones. I am hoping to be able to buy some this summer.
So again what ever comes in handy at the time then of course the wonderful paper clip is great.:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I hate heavy, clunky, or complicated ones…

I go to my local beauty-supply store and buy the tiny rubber bands that African American women use when making hundreds of braids on their heads; you get hundreds of rubber-bands for about .99 cents and THAT can’t be beat!

I use Ellie’s marks because you can put them on anytime during your knitting to mark stitch patterns :cheering: and her needles are FABULOUS:woot:

My older daughter crochets and had a split-ring marker, for her crocheting. I happened to find one, when I was working on a 12-row cable pattern. It was nice to be able to move it to the top, everytime I completed the 12th row, so I could keep track of where I was, in the pattern.

I agree with you. I also use Limey’s stitchmarkers and they are so light and very beautiful too. The needles are fantastic to work with as well. I highly recommend them.:woot:

I have a question about those kind of markers: After pinching them closed and opening them several times, does the metal break? (Maybe I don’t understand how they’re used. I’m under the impression that you need to pinch them shut so they don’t just flop off the needle.)

I’m not really that picky about stitch markers so long as they slide nicely along the needles and don’t get caught in the knitting. I find that it’s the size of the ring that makes the most difference - the pretty beaded ones aren’t any more or less of a pain than the plain ones. So I use pretty ones when I can. :slight_smile:

I have some of the beaded stitch markers, I’ve made some of them, others have been gifts. I prefer to use the little stretchies that I put up my DGD’s hair with. For row markers, I use coiless safety pins. I can even attach little notes to myself on them :teehee:

Thanks everyone! It’s really neat to see all the different pictures and get links to some of the different places for stitch markers.


I lose them so often so now I go to the bead department at Michael’s and buy jump rings. They come in all sizes and they are really inexpensive. I bought some over the weekend - over 100 for $3.00 They are lightweight and slide really easily. Plus since they are so inexpensive if I lose them I do not beat myself up.

ECB was kind enough to make me some markers with wooden beads with the primary one having a nice little toolbox charm so it was more for a guy. They’re still my favorite markers.