What's your favorite sock pattern?

I am reeeeeeally getting into knitting socks, since discovering the magic loop method. LOVE it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I haven’t made very many yet, but the ones I have are all very basic and plain. I like them, but they are very plain.

I am working on the second sock of two different pairs. The first sock I ever made was the 56 Stitch 56 Row Sock. I really like it, and just FINALLY re-started the second sock yesterday. I just couldn’t tolerate the dpns anymore so I frogged it and started with magic loop. Going much faster.

I also made one of a pair of this pattern in 100% wool, dark grey with an orange heel and toe. It knitted up really fast on size 6 needles and I’m about half way through the leg portion of the second sock.

The next one I have on my plans is the Twisted Sock from knitpicks, which will be a bit more challenging for me because I’m not great at lots of ribbing, but a challenge is always a good thing, right??? :thumbsup:

SOOOO, now that I’m all into socks, I’d like to hear what have been your favorite patterns.


I love the socks here; I made them for my daughter’s Easter basket; they turned out quite lovely. Just let me know if you would like to see them & I’ll see if I have a pic. They were my 1st project using a cable needle and it was really quite easy
I just remembered these; I ordered the yarn from www.simplysockyarn.com in the color ‘circus’ I believe, it’s a multi-color with primary, fun colors…those will be very cool :sunglasses:

Oooooh, I think I remember you posting that before, someone did anyway. Really neat. I’ve done a bit with cables so I think I could do it. I’ll add it to my list!!!

I think I did, too…I probably posted the pink ones, too, bc they are just too, too cute. And I have these sock books here that I wish I could ‘beam up’ to you, but, alas, we are not on the Enterprise ( I love Star Trek!)
Live long and prosper… :roflhard: :rofling: I mean…Knit long and prosper :roflhard: :rofling: :rofling:


Did you hear the news that Scotty has gone to the last engine room in the sky? Beam me up. I’m a Trekker too.



I’m currently working on my first pair of socks and I’m using the Peter’s Socks pattern from Debbie Macomber’s book “A Good Yarn”. In the book the pattern is written for BOTH dpns and two circ methods. I haven’t been brave enough to try two circs yet. I want to figure out turning a heel with dpns first.

BTW tell Owen HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (a little late)


WOW…I didn’t know about :frowning: Scottie…I bet dh does and forgot to tell me. That makes me sad. Then I just thought about watching reruns of the original shows with all of their ‘special effects’ :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: …they looked so ‘real’…‘Quick, Quick, Spock, hide behind that painted piece of cardboard, over there on the side where you can see it was cut!!!’ :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
I’m sorry, no disrespect intended toward Scottie…he was one of my faves; he could make things out of nothing much better than McGuyver!!
Scottie ROCKS!!

I’m just venturing into serious sock knitting. I’ve read articles on the technique and designed plenty of garments, but I’ve never really been a sock knitter.
If you want to see my first little sock, you can check out my blog:
I plan to offer a pattern shortly for it.

Personally, I like working short row toes and heels because there is no seaming and you can try on the sock as you go (this is generally a toe up technique, but not always)

that’s my 2¢

Thanks everyone.

I worked like MAD on my second 56 Stitch 56 Row sock today and just figured out that I did over 2700 stitches on that sock alone, just today :shock: . It’s sometimes shocking how many stitches it actually is when you figure it out.

And Marnie, WOW, I’m amazed at that sock you have designed!!! :notworthy: I’d definitely be going with the NON-ribbing version! :lol:

Marnie, sweetie, your ‘1st little sock’ is AMAZING!!! My goodness, it is lovely :smiley: . I forsee many sock designs in your future…many, many. This makes me a :cheering: :cheering: happy, happy girl; I’m afraid that I have ulterior motives…I love to knit socks :smiley: .
You, my dear, are a wonderful designer, I’ve seen many of your designs and love them all and I’m sure that your socks will not disappoint ;).

I have a few socks stored in my favs:

Gotta love John’s Anniversox like Rebecca :slight_smile:

Long Spiral Socks

Moonlight Slipper Sock

Tulip Socks

:blush: :heart:

Aww, you flatter me, thanks.
Luckily, it appears that sock construction at it’s most basic is pretty straight forward which means it’s far easier to design than some other garments. :thumbsup:

Beld, I love all of those socks, too…I’ve ALWAYS loved those Tulips…I must knit those one day, put them on my loooonnng socks to be knitted list!!
I said it cause I meant it, Marnie :smiley: . And, yep…I’m with ya on that about the sock design :wink: , Marnie…lol!!

OK, I’ve never knit w/DPN’s, and I’ve never made a sock - anyone recommend a good (ie, easy!!) pattern?

Good question! I knit with DPN’s in a class once and kept getting them all turned around everytime I started on them. Grrr! I would love an easy, basic sock that would stay up and I could make without too many tears.

OT, evertime I think of making socks that stay up I think of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine has to get Mr. Pitt socks and she tries and tries but there is always something wrong. :roflhard: A good, comfortable sock, that is not too tight that stays up. Aaahhhh, to make a pair of those someday! :smiley:

There’s really no way around the awkwardness of dpn’s at first. You eventually get the hang of what’s the most comfortable way to hold them, and really with dpn’s it’s just practise and practise and more practise that makes the most difference. The first sock that I made was from the free patterns section of this site, called the 56 stitch 56 row sock. It was really basic. Only 16 rounds of ribbing at the top, and then just plain old stockinette. OR, another one that I have made that is a great practise one because it is small, is the North Country Cotton Baby Sock, also from the free patterns section of this site.

I canNOT :shock: believe that I forgot to include THESE as my MOST FAVORITE sock pattern…EVER!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

1st of all I would suggest that you start off with larger dpns like sizes 6 to 8 with larger yarns such as sport or worsted wt. for your 1st sock and practice. Before attempting to make the sock, familiarize yourself with the dpns. I am going to link several tutorials to you.
I would suggest that you girls look at the videos on this site about working with dpns under advanced techniques.
http://diynet.com/diy/shows_dkng/episode/0,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html This episode of Knitty Gritty has a good deal of material and a couple of videos showing sock knitting
http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/SockClass_Beginning.htm This one was made by Silver, one of our moderators here, so she can answer questions you may have.
http://www.knittingatknoon.com/demos.html Here u have some sock videos
http://www.knittingatknoon.com/demos.html Another tutorial
http://www.knittersreview.com/article_how_to.asp?article=/review/profile/011018_a.asp a good article
I think that this should get you started.

I dont know why, I think socks look hard and I feel intimadated and havent ventured into this area of patterns. How hard are they for a beginner?

InterNette, just read and watch the tutorials that I just posted and get familiar with it. I was deathly afraid of knitting socks a little over 6 months ago and I read a couple of tutorials and I watched that episode of Knitty Gritty that I linked, too. AND, after I saw Karen Baumer knitting a sock on knitty gritty, it all began to make sense. Just get familiar with dpns, not the size that you normally use for socks, either, but like I said, size 7 or 8 and some worsted weight yarn…practice. It’s really easy, even though you are working with 4 or 5 dpns, depending upon the pattern, you are still only knitting with 2 of them, just like u do when you are knitting with 2 single point needles, when u finish with one, u just move to the next one when working with dpns, just give a little tug between needles…all this is explained in the videos and tutorials that I linked right before you. If I can learn to knit socks…so can you…it’s fun…it’s easy!! I’ve been knitting socks for a little over 6 months and it’s my favorite thing to knit…watch and read the tutorials and give it a try; trust me :smiley:
I forgot to tell you, i had only been knitting for around 6 months when I 1st tried socks, so I was a beginner, too.