What's Your Favorite Smilie? :o]

I love the smilies on this forum (some forums have such laaaaaaaaaaame smilies).

I love SO many of them, but I guess my very favorite is:
I think it’s because I resemble that remark! I mean, he’s cooky, crazy and happy like me.

So if you have a fav, what is it?

This one is my favorite, I think it’s adorable: :woohoo:

Ohhhh I don’t think I can pick just one. I have a bunch in my favorites (click the star and set your own if you haven’t).

Favorite huh… Nope can’t do it… :teehee:…Oh maybe that one.

:knitting::yadda:There is so many to choose from… I am not sure I can pick just one.:clink::poke::blooby::biting:

:biting: I love this little guy. He makes me giggle. I put him in my siggy so I could see him every time I post. lol

I also love these… they crack me up too. But I’m easily entertained.
:ick: :help: :noway:

LOL. Me too. Other favs are:

I love them all! But I use :mrgreen: a lot!

:teehee: is my favorite


I don’t get him. What’s he supposed to be?:teehee:

:roflhard: Mine is this little guy. Probably because I’m easily entertained and am usually :roflhard:

I love these guys:

:frog:(this is what I usually look like)

Ronda, love your avatar.

:lol: thanks

I like these:
:shrug: :wink: :knitting: :woot:


I love these little guys cause they all look so happy!

These are mine: :teehee: :zombie: :ick: :flirt:

:eyes::tap::woohoo::woot:Are my favorite ones here but I LOVE SMILEYS so much I get them from our places and put them on as attachment when I reply to something.These 2 really make me laugh

Mom wolf, I had to look at these 3 to figure out what they were doing… I get it now… It is Larry, Mo and Curly… Love them!!!

hehe, i like him…:roflhard:

and these:grphug:

and him - or her:noway:

i do quite a lot of this :wall::hair::frog: