What's your favorite needle size for malabrigo?

I’m trying to decide between 9’s and 10’s for a shrug. I made a swatch in both and just can’t decide!

Any thoughts?

Right now I am workign with Malabrigo chunky, using size 10’s for a scarf. seems to be working well

I like 10.5, but that’s just me. :shrug:

I’ve used 9 and 10.

I think it depends on what you want the resulting fabric to feel like. I’ve knit the worsted on size 11’s and this allows the yarn to expand and puff up… and it becomes fairly limp but super soft and fluffy.
I’ve also knit Malabrigo worsted on size 6’s and this creates a firmer, more dense fabric with a definite shape and structure.

I’ve never worn a shrug … :rofl: but I’d imagine you’d want structure over fluffiness. A simple scarf could be the other way around. =)

I use 10 or 10.5.

I haven’t used Malabrigo before, but I like to use the largest size needle I can get away with. I think smaller needles, those used for gauge on the labels, make the yarn dense and stiff (and yes, I’m a medium to loose knitter), while going up a couple sizes or more makes them soft and fluffy. It all depends on what result you want.