What's your favorite knitting magazine?

Do you have a favorite? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking about getting a subcription but can’t decide which one I want yet.

i don’t have one, but i will love to see the answers because i want a subscription too!!

I like Vogue Knitting the most so far…I bought the fall Interweave Knits and didn’t find anything I like too much in there - browsed through the winter issue at the store and felt the same way. I find that a lot of their knits look extremely unflattering - the pattern will say smth like “sweater shown is 32” chest circumference," so the model is obviously very thin, and yet she looks like she’s got 30 extra pounds on her. A lot of their patterns (in the last 2 issues, anyway) are kind of boxy.

Knit.1 is like VK on crack…most of that stuff is not wearable, even though it may look attractive.

I’m not into “Simple Knits” or anything like that, because I’m more interested in challenging patterns - I get really bored whenever I’m knitting very simple things.

I agree. I like Vogue Knitting the best. And I even like Knit.1 because the patterns are inspiring to me. But Vogue Knitting is the best in my opinion. This question is going to illicit a lot of different answers though because the knitting mags definitely appeal to different people based on their own personal style, you know?

I thought I remembered reading someone complaining that Vogue knits mag has a lot of errors in it.Does anyone else find this to be true?

Interweave Knits. I find their designs unique yet wearable. KnitSimple is good too, but if I’d have to choose one I’d pick IK.

My fave is the UK “Simply Knitting”…

Most of the patterns are just GORGEOUS!


I really like Interweave, Knitters, and Simply Knitting.

I am NOT fond of Creative Knitting :ick: I like Knit 1, but their patterns are too… urban? … for my taste.

By the time I receive my mag in the mail, the corrections are available online. And I haven’t noticed a lot of them.

I’m an Interweave junkie. Love it. I agree that sometimes their patterns can be a bit hit or miss, but overall, I’ve been happy with every issue.

I love Vogue Knitting. I find many nice patterns. Knit 1 appeals to younger (teenage) knitters. So of the patterns are cute, but most seem like something a 14 year old would wear. Vogue Knitting on the other hand has trendy, more mature patterns. I’m 26 and feel fits right into my style most of the time.

Urban? :?? Not sure what that means. I get Creative Knitting, but probably won’t renew it. I actually like some of their patterns, but they all require seaming. :wall:

I like Vogue knitting best. Then Interweave Knits.