What's your fav. bind-off for toe-up socks?

I’m doing my first pair of toe-up socks. The bind off in the pattern is something like the kitchner stitch and I completely messed it up. I had to :frog: it. :frowning: So… Rather than go there again, I’ll ask y’all. What’s your favorite bind-off for toe up socks?

Can’t quite imagine how you could kitchner a toe-up sock, but anyway - I use the EZ sewn bind-off.


They only time you would work a kitchener stitch with a sock would be toe down, this is used to close the toes up.

For toe up socks I like to use the first link Mirl56 posted it does give a stretchy bind off.

I also have used Grumperina’s toe up bind off. I find it also very stretchy and you don’t have to figure out how long to cut the tail :thumbsup:

Here is the link for the Vinnland socks I’m doing. The bind-off obviously isn’t the kitchner stitch exactly, but similar, and I totally messed it up. :frowning: Here’s the bind-off in text if ya don’t feel like following the link:

Binding Off:

Cut yarn leaving enough yarn to graft stitches. I usually hold the sock in one hand, stretch my arms apart and cut that length. You will need to adjust the round to start with k2. Place the stitches on the first and second needle onto one needle. Now separate the ribbing onto the two unused needles with the knit stitches on the front needle and the purl stitches on the back needle.

Grafting k2, p2 Ribbing:

Step 1: Enter the first knit stitch purlwise, then enter the first purl stitch knitwise.
Step 2: Enter the first knit stitch knitwise, and drop the stitch off the needle. Enter the second knit stitch purlwise.
Step 3: Enter the first purl stitch purlwise, and drop the stitch off the needle. Enter the second purl stitch knitwise.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have used up most of the stitches on the front/back needles. Then slide the k2, p2 stitches on the next needle onto the two needles you’re currently working on and continue grafting. When you have one stitch left on the back needle graft into the first stitch on the round (already grafted) and bring yarn to back of work.

I’ll have to try those other ones; they look a whole lot easier.

knit one and two and pull over and pull off

I use the k2tog-tbl bind off from the link Knitty link that Marilyn posted. It’s nice and stretchy if you do it LOOSELY. Any bind off benefits from doing it loosely for socks though.