Whats wrong?

I’m attempting my first ever hat in the round and have somehow screwed up. I am just using the basic knit stitch, and all was going according to plan until I began working the next day. The new rows look different than the old ones. (the top now looks inside out as compared to the bottom). I’m guessing I switched my stitch, but I swear I didn’t change anything. Did I pick up the needles wrong or something? Is there a way to switch back or should I keep going? Please help!

What is the pattern? Stockinette? Ribbing?

Without any details, it could be that you switch your stitching. But one this is for sure, as long as the working yarn was coming from the right hand needle when you came back to your knitting, you can rest assured that you picked up the needles correctly :wink:

If you switch your stitching, it’s up to you if you want to go back. You could rip out whole rows, then pick the stitches back up when you come to where the knitting is correct. Or you could “unknit” the stitches which is basically taking stitches out one at a time. “Unknitting” is tedious, but it can help you located exactly where you went wrong. At least it helps me note where I went wrong … :?

Amy’s videos for fixing mistakes might just be what the doctor ordered. :wink:

I hope that helped some…

My guess is that you started knitting backwards the second day. When you picked up the needles, the hat turned inside out, so you began knitting on what had previously been the purl-side/inside. To confirm this, look back and see if you find a hole. At the point you started knitting on the wrong side there will be a noticeable hold between the stitches where the turn was made.

No real reason to rip it out. If you like the textured stripe you have created leave it. If you want to go back to go back to your regular stitch you can do that at least two different ways.

  1. you did not say if you know how to purl or not. If you do, we can consider that your hat is being knit ‘inside out’ now. Switch to purl for the rest of your hat, doing decreases as P2Tog. when you are done flip it inside out, and voila.

  2. You can turn the hat inside out again, and start knitting. To avoid the hole this time, before you turn the hat inside out, bring the yarn forward, slip one stitch from the left needle to the right, bring the yarn to the back, and slide the stitch from the right needle back onto the left. Now turn hat inside out and begin knitting.

Welcome NewKnitter and bobbiinbrooklyn!

Yes, I agree with bobbiinbrooklyn’s assessment of what happened. Those solutions are good if you like the look of it on either side of the hat. If not, the thing to do is to unravel it back to that point where it changed, and start from there. See the Basic Techniques/ More page for how to reinsert the needle if you’re not sure.

Amy :slight_smile:

Thanks! I did find a hole where my stitch switched. I was able to unkit the two rows and am on my way. Next battle…reducing stitches. :slight_smile: