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knitting baby socks out of really soft acrylic? I am trying a new sock pattern so I just picked up the first yarn in my stash I could get my hands on that was the right weight…the sock is actually looking nicely so I was thinking that maybe I’d actually knit the second and give them away as a gift…but is acrylic bad for socks for some reason? I really hate acrylic–I only use it for baby items and I know I wouldn’t wear acrylic socks…but for a baby who only really uses them for warmth??? What do you think??

Works for me! :shrug: All the crazy-soft fibers they’re using nowadays for baby blankets and clothes are synthetic–polyesters and acrylics and stuff. Why wouldn’t you use it?

I guess I’ve just never heard of anyone making socks out of acrylic but then again I don’t run around asking everyone I see knitting socks what fibers they are using! The yarn is something generic that I bought at Hobby Lobby–Baby Bee brand–but it is soooooo super soft.

The only thing about using artificial fibers for socks is that they don’t wick away moisture very well. This makes for clammy, sweaty feet.

I made my first pair of socks out of worsted weight acrylic. Red Heart–not the nice stuff! They’re pretty cushy and with repeated washing/drying they’ve turned out perfectly soft and comfy. They’re good house sock, very warm–but yes, if I wore them with shoes they’d be sweaty (ick!)

I think nice baby soft acrylic would be perfectly fine and comfy for baby socks. :thumbsup:

[highjack]Jen I made Bambozelle for my mom last month, it’s really cute and fun! Enjoy! [/highjack]

Where do you think I found the pattern!?! The bamboo yarn makes it crazy-hard to knit, though–it would be much easier in a blend like you used. :eyes: [/highjack] :shifty:

Ohhhh, I can totally see how they’d be sweaty. Do babies get sweaty feet?? :teehee:

Doh!:doh: :teehee:

Do babies get sweaty feet??

I was thinkin’ about that…some babies are furnaces. But overall–I’d wager that they don’t have their feet stuffed into sneaks all day (aside from the supercute baby ones, which are kinda superfluous). Plus they’re lounging around getting carried everywhere all day instead of running around and working up stinko feet :teehee: .

Seems safe to me!

Thanks for the input you guys…

with my kids–I didn’t really put shoes on them until they were walking–just socks until then. It’s really good for their feet muscles to learn to walk barefoot so I didn’t bother w/ shoes. I’m also not a sock person myself…I prefer to be barefoot so as the temperature permits, I tend to leave my kiddos barefoot too–I would just put socks on them when we went out. That being said–I don’t know if their feet sweat. I’ll just give the socks as gifts and she can either use them or just keep them as something cute–whatever she likes. I have lots of stuff that my babies never wore (I even have stuff intended for ds who is barely 7 weeks old!) and I just keep them as keepsakes b/c baby stuff is just so darn cute!

well sock made of totally one fiber (like cotton, alpaca, wool alone) is not durable and that is why nylon and acrylic or even polyester is added for extension lifespan of the sock…so it last longer… especially the heel and the toe area that wear and tear easily… that is what the lady in switzerland at the LYS told me…hope this helps

I agree that babies don’t really need shoes until they’re walking and need their feet protected, so the fabric of the socks really doesn’t matter in terms of sweaty feet. In shoes they might get hot, but even then, do kids’ feet sweat all that much? I don’t think so. :shrug:

I’ve knitted acrylic socks for myself and I can’t wear them all day, but for a few hours in my ugly rubber boots (which I wear when I work at the pet farm) are ok. They defenitely keep your feet nice and warm. I think they are ok for baby’s because the don’t get sweaty feet.

Nothing, the way I see it, it would actually be better, because they would be machine washable. OR you could use a superwash wool, but that’s another story.

I used Baby Bee Sweet Delight to make socks for my mom and they turned out great. I used a loose tension, so they are house socks. She hasn’t mentioned how they wear, or whether they cause sweaty feet, but I have some of the same yarn to do a pair for me, and I will use a smaller needle. I guess I’ll figure it out then. :shrug:

The washability is good and babies are sometimes sensitive to wool, so acrylic is a good choice for them.