What's wrong with this picture?

So I made one of the Fuzzyfeet from knitty which is basically just a hugungeous sock and then you felt it and it make like a bootie/slipper thingy. Well I made the sock and put it through the wash on hot water with jeans twice and it almost looks bigger! What did I do wrong? How many time you gotta wash this thing…

Oh yeah, I used Anny Blatt 100% wool called Rustique. Very similar to Lamb’s Pride

What kind of yarn did you use? :thinking:

what kind of yarn did you use? it looks like superwash…

I had to wash my first booga three times before it shrunk. Try washing again and use a cold rinse, I cant remember off the bat who said it, but some wise person here said it “shocks” the yarn.

well i just found this thread on knitter’s review…


edited to actually add the link that i rudely left off

I just looked up the yarn that you used, and it says machine wash, unshrinkable. SO SORRY that this happened :frowning:

Maybe you can put that beautiful cat in there?


Do you think I could frog it and use it again?


Do you think I could frog it and use it again?[/quote]
Don’t know why not. Heck, it’s even had a good washing!

yeah people frog used sweaters and reuse the yarn can’t see how this would be different!

I would absolutely use it again!!

[size=2]Just not for anything felted. Sorry![/size]

OH that SOOOO stinks! Im pouting for you, Femmy! :frowning:

aw :frowning: sorry this happened to you, feministmama. that’s gorgeous yarn though. can’t wait to see what you make instead :D!

Whatever you make, at least you’ll know that you can wash it in the machine without worry!

Major bummer…

Oh man… that totally sucks. :frowning: They should put a big old stamp on yarn lables that say “Feltable” or “NON-Feltable”… right next to the gauge!

Do they even know that we’re doing this to their yarn? It’s surprising what things companies can miss, even when it’s essential to their business. :lol: