What's wrong with the forum? Is it just me?

@sheldon I hope I tagged the right person.

This is a screenshot of what I see when I come to the KH tonight.
Screenshot from 2023-08-30 23-22-08

A spam attack.

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I’m making a very angry face about the attack. I considered seeing about deleting this but maybe someone else will want to know? Your call, OK?


That these attacks are not seen daily is testament to how well this forum is managed and moderated.

Thanks techies and mods, it’s appreciated how much you do to keep the site clean xxx


I saw same last night GG. Not first time attacks but mods quickly clean every time. Good jub guys.


It’s happened to me too. It’s a bit frustrating as the posts come up as unread so you have to scroll through loads of them before you reach topic.
Is it safe?

Yeah. It’s happening again. I see the gobbledygook again tonight. This showed as normal at least. Those tasked with dealing with it are doing their best I’m sure.

Aha. Thank you.

I turned on translate in my browser setting and it seems to be repeating keywords and giving an image with an active link that is likely malicious.
Sample image:

A couple of nights ago I was getting posts that were in Oriental characters – with links that seemed to be spam or phishing. I thought it was my browser but I checked back later and 3 were still there. They are gone now, tho.

Yes, there have been spam posts. I think the forum software, administrator @Sheldon and the moderators like @salmonmac have done an excellent job of preventing and cleaning up such posts. They keep this place protected and insulated from the wild Internet.