What's wrong with my cable?

My cable is not turning out. It is the cabled hat on this site


Did I somehow turn my work???

Thankyou in advance.


It’s hard to tell from the picture the way it is. It looks like the cabling is on the correct side. Maybe you crossed something wrong?

If you can get a close up of one of the cables, then we should be able to tell.

Is this any better?

It’s still hard to tell.

Try this one. Thankyou soo much. !!!

Or this one. It is like the cable is broken up ???

It [I]is[/I] broken up. You must have crossed the cable in the wrong place. I would rip it out to the ribbing and start over.

Silly me, I casted on the wrong number of stitches. I did a multiple of 11 but NOT an even number like the pattern said.:aww:

I appreciate this site and everyone’s help soooo much.