What's With K2Tog's?

I am doing a “snuggle” blanket for the Aug. KAL for my local shelter. Part of the pattern calls for a couple rows to be done in yo, k2tog. I’m having to manipulate the first stitch of the two I’m trying to knit together (the left hand stitch of the two) by sort of picking at it with my fingers to get the needle under it so I can also pick up the 2nd stitch. It’ seems like the left hand stitch is tighter than the right hand stitch all the way across for each pair I try to k2tog. It’s making my fingers hurt and my wrists sore. The whole row of stitches by themselves are not unusually tight. It’s maddening when I get to that part of the pattern… sigh :rollseyes:
Anybody else ever notice this when trying to knit stitches together? I don’t want to be doing some weird maneuver with my hands to lever the needle in as my wrists are really getting sore.
On that matter, I suppose I’ll have to go to the dr. I do a lot of keying and mousing at work and checking off of data on paper so I think I need to assess my hand movements to lessen the discomfort. Great… :doh:

I have that problem all the time with k2tog (and k3tog, for that matter)…try this trick: slip the first (right) stitch purlwise to your right needle. Then take your right needle and put it in the second (left) stitch and wiggle it around a bit. Then slip the first (right) stitch back to the left needle, and then try your k2tog. This has really helped me. It doesn’t always work on the first try, but I find that if I can get that left stitch a bit looser, the k2tog goes easier.

:thumbsup: Thanks FG, I’ll try that… sounds logical and less damaging to the joints! :XX: