What's Up!

So I haven’t been on in a long long time cuz work and life got in the way. So what’s up???

I have incredible able busy summer and haven’t done any knitting!:whoosh: :grrr: :grrr: I just start doing some lace work…I will post a picture later…:wink:

I started out by doing my own veggie garden and it was doing okay until hubby went to work and we ran out of water(well). We haven’t had any rain for long long time and we are in a high fire danger time. I’m hoping for some rain this week-end!:slight_smile:

So I’ve been hauling water for the horses and going for swim in the lake or ocean.:mrgreen:

Work was busy and I’d get some Sunday’s off, but basically worked all the time from May til last week.

I spent this last week, catching up on house work, my garden work and riding my horse.

Oh ya, a friend bought a new horse(see avatar) and brought him by to meet and greet with my gang. He is supreme!! The owner was hurt and hasn’t been able to ride…so I up I went…:cheering:

Well I’m off to bed…I’ll check in over the week-end…

A very Happy ‘n’ Safe Labor Day week-end.:woohoo:

Welcome back! :yay:

Hi there, I looked at some of your posts on what cha knitting. I think I am working on the purple wrap you made. I am really enjoying working on it but have to finish some other projects so I keep putting it aside. ooops, I don’t have the complete pattern, only the chart but I know how to complete it.

GOOD for ya!! It is a challenging pattern but makes a really nice wrap and I get comments on mine all the time!!