What's up with the badges?

I am starting to see tan colored badges in the signature lines of some members and I am wondering what those are? :?? Stiney has some (a lot), and Hunterjenn…Anyone know?

Just curious…


We got them from a link in one of the girls signatures. You earn one for each of these off the wall knitting things that you do. One of mine is a MacGyver Patch for using out of the ordinary things in knitting. Like twist ties as stitch markers. And my other is for drinking and knitting at the same time.

Ooooh!! Thanks for the info! I’m gonna have to get me a couple of those. Paper clips can be such handy tools. :rofl: And I’ve knit under the influence. Not saying it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, but that’s ok! :clink:

here is where they come from!

:clink:Friends don’t let friends drink and knit.


OR… if they are TRUE friends, they supply more booze and some mmmmalabrigo and have a party!

Is there a designated knitter?:balloons:

how fun!! I have earned the MacGuyver 2!! I got locked in the bathroom (We had the locks on the outside of the doors, so the kids wouldnt go in and lock themselves in…stinkers used it on me!! :wink: and took the door knob off with a needle (have NO idea why it was in the bathroom drawer!)

Where’s the knit & drive one? I want one of those. :eyebrow:

A “MacGyver Patch”–that’s great!!! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: But how clever you are!!!

I like the novelty yarn badge :smiley:

Thanks for the link - those are so funny!

I picked up a few, but sig is already too long - so I put them on my blog. :yay: