What's Up With Bernat?

Their website is un-gawdly slow and their phone number beeps likes it’s disconnected, so I can’t call them to report their website. Very strange. :??

Anyone else having troubles with that site?

I had trouble with their website on Saturday. I was at my sister’s house and forgot my pattern so I was trying to print it off the website. It took me half an hour to get to the page I needed to print.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but it was annoying! :shrug:

I ALWAYS have trouble with their site being horribly slow, and I have cable internet. I hate even having to go to their site because it’s so frustrating!

i was just there last week and it was slow. it said somewhere on there that it runs better if you have Internet Explore. which i have but don’t use. so i went to IE and it was a little better. enough for me to look at what i wanted to see.

I just went to check and it’s very fast for me. I have a fast cable connection…maybe that’s it? :shrug:

I also always have problems with that website. :shrug: