What's the ugliest thing you've ever knitted?

I finished my first sock a few days ago and it is SO huge and hideous, I don’t even want to take a pic of it. :ick:

So help me feel better and tell me all about the ugliest thing you’ve ever knitted - [B]and[/B] completed!

My worst project was my first sock, too! It was :ick: :ick: :ick: and was the ugliest color, so many mistakes, and looked like it would fit Bigfoot. I laugh about it now, as my socks have gotten much better!

well it is apparently so hideous that KH doesn’t even want it displayed… let’s try again…

And that would be the reason I never use fun fur cwap anymore! :doh:

oh btw… it’s a cell phone cover and there was a matching scarf out there in the world…lol

Well, I got about 90% of the way through Pinup Queen (in SNB Handbook), but for some reason I was double stranding neon green and dark purple Lionbrand microspun. I have no idea what possessed me, normally I have very good taste, lol. Fortunately, I ran into something I couldn’t figure out (I was a new knitter at the time), and I put the project aside. When I picked it up again, I was like, “Oh no no no NO. No. Bad knitter. Bad, bad knitter.” And I frogged it.

I am working on a pretty ugly blanket at the moment. It is supposed to be pretty, see? http://www.canknit.com/free/ns.html But I didn’t plan out the color order ahead of time and it is looking gawdawful.

Just what everyone needs around the house, an ugly, NON machine washable afghan! :lol:

LOL- Well novelty yarn doesn’t even look good in the skein, so I have no idea why anyone would want to knit with it…

So far I haven’t knit anything terribly ugly- my first dishcloth was my worst. It was a Grandmother’s favorite, and for some reason I thought I was supposed to add another YO two stitches before the end of the row, along with the YO at the beginning of the row.

Apparently that makes a diamond-ish, curvy boat shaped thing, lol.

A cable purse, using a Lion Brand pattern and wool-ease. Apparently my gauge was way off, so the bag turned out large enough for an Amazon woman. I posted pictures on the stashbusting kal.

The bag now hangs in my closet waiting to be made into something else. :wall:

A few years ago i thought i could knit a sweater without any pattern, just out of my head, ya know… So i have this HUGE, UGLY, SHAPELESS sweater made out of gorgeous eggplant colour mohair… Now that i get to think of that - maybe i should frog the whole thing:think:? Any ideas for mohair projects:happydance:?

homespun handbag. let no more be said… it was awful.

This was supposed to be a straight scarf.

The pattern was wrong. The yarn was cheap acrylic sport weight, it was my first project, done on plastic needles. My stitches aren’t even, and it’s just fug. I didn’t do a good job casting on or binding off with the ribbon.

You can see a picture of what the scarf is SUPPOSED to look like here.

Sorry Stine … but the fact that it was meant to be straight and it turned out like that has made me :roflhard:

I am currently working on what will be my ugliest peice… a scarf… how come no one warned me about novelty yarns?? If I didn’t have so many danged hours into it… I would give up… I just kept hoping it would get cuter…

DH wants the yarn to make fishing lures… :rofling:

I was very upset at the time. Now it’s very :roflhard: :teehee:

The manager at my old B&N is a knitter, and I lent her the pattern. It did the same thing for her, so I blame the pattern. :teehee:

There’s definitely a line missing in the pattern, and even I was able to figure this out with my whole 10 rows of experience. All the increases/decreases are done on even rows, until the 13th row, when all of a sudden you start doing them on odd rows.

A hat. I was trying to make up my own beret pattern. It looks more like a giant cupcake…

it was a baby sweater i was crocheting with bernat sweet stripes. it was a one piece knit, but my back rectangle was turning into a wonky triangle. i gave up. the yarn in hiding in the bottom drawer of my craft cart. i don’t know if i’ll ever pick up that yarn again…

Are you inferring that I have ever knit something that wasn’t fabulous? Moi? Never. :noway:


Ok, really – there was the one sock that never made it to be a pair when I learned that I was knitting continental and purling combination then tried to fix that in the middle of the sock and it looked all wonky. Then there was the Haiku sweater I tried to make for a 2 year old girl I know – it was wide enough for a teenager and short enough for a toddler. (Gauge – why do you bother me with details like gauge!) Then there was the sweater I made for myself that was so short it was cropped but wide enough for me and dh to wear together. (why oh why did I keep knitting?)

I do manage to save myself by frogging most disasters before wearing them in public.

I treat my knitting like my photography and only show the good stuff. (have you ever been around someone who doesn’t edit their vacation photos?) That way everything looks fabulous.:wink:


Ah, novelty yarns . . . :rollseyes:

Last year I knit a whole bunch of different scarves from LB patterns for a December craft fair. Toward the end I was rushing to finish as many as I could and I chose the Fur-Trimmed Scarf, which is knit with Chenille Thick and Quick and then trimmed on each end with Fun Fur.

For some reason I still don’t understand, I chose the Garnet Print for the chenille – and HOT PINK for the Fun Fur! That scarf was so embarassing I almost decided not to put it out on the sale table. :ick:

Wouldn’t you know, it was one of the first ones to go!

Oh, so maybe there’s hope the person I am making my monstrosity for will like it???:happydance:

The ugliest thing I ever knitted was the first thing I made. It was supposed to be a Wisconsin dishcloth and I hate the yarn. I messed up somewhere and I didn’t know what the right side and wrong side looked like so the picture and the letters WI got flipped. They are on opposite sides.

LOL. My first scarf. It’s hideous… red fun fur sections with “silk” nylon yarn overs… What was I thinking:roflhard:

The Martha Stewart poncho for my mom that she requested which my sister flatly refused to knit for her. The pattern called for Homespun, which sucked to knit with. It’s so ugly that taking a photo never even occurred to me. Shandeh laughed at it when she saw it, yet she was kind enough to try to heal it as I live nearly 3000 miles away.

Mom said she loved it and would keep it in her car to use upon demand. I translated that to, “I’ll stick it under a back tire for traction should I ever get stuck.”

It’s awful, horrid, unforgivably ugly. Don’t knit it.