What's the trick?

I just taught myself to knit Continental. I did 2 washcloths in a basketweave pattern to practice. I made no mistakes at all on those 2 washcloths.

So now I’m doing some leg warmers for my DD in the round on 2 circs. If I knit English, I maintain my stitch count of 24 stitches on each needle. If I switch to Continental, I end up with 25 stitches on each needle. I’ve watched very carefully and gone very slowly to make sure I’m actually slipping all my stitches off the needle. First needle, 24 stitches. Second needle, 25. What the heck?! It happens over and over and over again, so I’m wondering if there is something to knitting continental in the round on 2 circs that I don’t know about?

Hi, Ronda! :waving:

I knit conti all the time and occasionally I’ve found that little uninvited “guest” stitch crashing the party. Now that I think about it, it’s usually when I’m working in the round.

What I’ve found is that in turning the work I’ve had the working yarn positioned in such a way that it wraps around the left needle. If you don’t catch it, it acts like a yarn over and then gets knit into the work and becomes the little gate crasher! When you turn the work, just make sure the working yarn is hanging between the needles.

Hopes this solves the mystery!

Ruthie :clink:

There must be an inadvertent yarn over somewhere in there. :think:

Ruthie, I think you might be onto something! It seems that the offending extra stitch is at the beginning of the row (or is it the end?). It must happen when I turn the work! I swear one time I counted 24 stitches, turned my work, and went I got back to that needle to knit it, there were 25 stitches. I’ll also watch for yo, Jan. Thanks, guys!

If you knit the first/last stitch of the row (instead of slipping it like many do), are you making sure that the bump is on the back (or the front when you turn)? Does that make any sense? I had problems with that when I started. I’d turn that first stitch into two because I had both the loops from the bump under it and knit those. Just make sure that your purl bump is in front and you are using the last stitch not the purl bumps’ yarn.


Ruthie - Thanks again!!! That was my problem! Instead of keeping the yarn [B]between [/B]the 2 needles, I was trying to keep it out of the way and bringing the yarn behind the needles, creating a yarn over! Now that I’m making sure the yarn is between the 2 needles, I have no problems at all! (And, I am doing ML, not 2 circs! I think I said above I was using 2 circs.)

You’re welcome, Ronda!

There’s enough in life, and knitting, to confuse us without having extra stitches sneak onto our needles! Glad you got it solved!

Ruthie :yay:

Your left needle might be catching a yarn thread between sts at the split and you end up knitting that too.