What's the PERFECT Knitting Bag?

I can’t seem to find the perfect knitting bag. Have you? If so, please share.

If not, share what your bag is lacking, I need these hints because I may just have to design my own!

I just purchased this one and for me, it’s the perfect everyday knitting bag. I have one scarf, socks, 3 patterns, 1 afghan block and assorted needles and supplies. I bring it to work with me every day and I love it!

So many nice bags out there…How to choose? Problem of abundance :teehee:

I Haven’t found the perfect one yet… I need one to hold a lot but still looks nice… but I don’t want it to big… I asked dh for one of these for my b-day and got “blah” he didn’t like them… . I can’t decide between the keylime and mandarin but I have till April to decide…

I’m glad to hear it holds the above… I think I will really like it… can you keep your keys and wallet in it too or do you have a separate handbag??

I’ve seen this bag for a while now: http://www.herrschners.com/products/sku-719402__id-3509.html

Looks good, has anyone used it???

It also comes with a zippered bag inside that is the same material as the outside. AND it is long enough for straights if you need to carry them. Yep, I have a pair of glasses, keys, wallet and every supply you can think of, including cable needles, etc.

I love the lime green but was afraid it would get too dirty being as I throw my bags around and don’t want to worry about them.

I Have it and it has a lot of room and is wonderful for organizing your items… I used to carry it to classes and still use it for trips home cause I can cram a lot into it… but I found it to big and bulky to use on everyday trips…

ETA: I have the orange knitting tote bag… should have quoted you on that sorry :oops:

I have a Namaste Messenger bag, and I like it. Lots of pockets, it expands, and I can use it for school and work. But everyone has different tastes.

Y’all mean the Herrschner’s???

:happydance: ohh thanks… I was wondering about that… now I just need April to hurry up and get here… :teehee:

I’m speaking of the KnitOne Bag Ariellura. Cute avatar BTW! :slight_smile:

:oops: I went back and edited that… I do have that bag (the orange knitter’s tote) and it does hold a lot…

Ohhh boy…what a subject! :teehee:

I have recently purchased several (4) bags from www.greenmountainknittingbags.com (Martha Saaco). I have a [color=blue]Med-lrg [/color][color=blue]Carpet Bag [/color](my favorite of the 4), [color=blue]a med-size SnowPond bag [/color](my 2nd favorite) , [color=red]A Fat Tall Baguette, and an Oversized Carpet [/color][color=red]Bag.[/color] I like Martha’s bags because of the way they perform. You can ‘cuff’ them by letting the two sides lay down…and you then have easy access to the contents. Ya just have to see them to understand! Martha posts new bags every Thursday afternoon at about 5 pm ET. She also takes custom orders…but custom orders are more expensive for the same style bag.

I also purchased a [color=brown]Morgan[/color] bag from www.catruncreations.com and it is my 3rd favorite. It’s construction is more defined than Martha’s bags at greenmountainknittingbags…but, I still love it. She has a lot of pockets inside! She is taking custom orders straight from her website.

Both ladies are excellent seamstresses and businesswomen. They take care of business!

The reason that the [color=blue]med size bags [/color]are my favorites…you don’t have to have a lot of yarn to fill them up…and most of my projects need to hold just 7-8 skeins of yarn. [color=red]The taller, larger bags [/color]can hold 3 projects at a time easily!

Well, I decided to share my other two greenmountainknittingbags with you as well. I like to see things people are talkin’ about…and maybe others might, too!

Below are the two oversized bags that I spoke of in my first post.

All in all, I love these new bags because: in addition to being functional, they are beautiful, too! I am at that time in my life, with all 5 kids grown, married and out of the house…that I can get a few great things for me!


I keep hoping that the Jordana Paige bags will drop in price by…oh, a good 50% :wink:

They ARE beautiful. I have some old handles that I’ve been wanting to make a bag out of. I wonder if I can get a pattern for that?!?

I have a namaste messenger bag that I like a lot. I wish it had a firmer bottom–it kind of slouches.

Stop calling my bottom namaste! :!!!:

Hildie, Vendie and I have the brown one, what color is yours?

We’re tripletses! :cheering:

What’s a “namaste messenger bag” look like? Anyone have a pic?

I have a larger size Vera Bradley-type bag that I use. It’s nice and roomy and has about 6 little pockets inside that are perfect for needles, little scissors, etc. Plus it’s pretty! :heart: