What's the next step?

Hey everyone–

I’m a new knitter (I keep wanting to write “Knew Knitter” :wink: ) and I am finishing up my official first project, a scarf. I’m wondering if you have any advice on what would be the logical next thing to try. I’m looking for something on the easy side, but a bit more advanced than just a scarf. Any thoughts?

Thanks!! :smiley:

how about a purse or a hat? have any circular needles over there?

I don’t yet own any circular needles, but I was planning on buying some soon anyway. I was thinking of some sort of purse or bag, but I don’t yet know how to knit in the round. It might be easier than I think, but I just haven’t tried yet. :blush:

Lots of people like to practice with dishcloths–there are lots of patterns out there.

ooooh it is sooo easy to knit in the round. Amy’s videos are great and there is the bonus of no seam (usually!) Just make sure you don’t pick out needles and then a pattern. You will understand the reason when you try to cast on for a hat onto 29" circular needles! :wink: (unless your head really is that big around 16" needles are best for hats! :thumbsup: )

Once you knit in the round, you don’t want to go back!

Also, having all your needle sizes in circulars is the best way to go, since you can use them for both kinds of knitting.

Dishcloth - great project to try out new stitches
Booga Bag - super easy, quick,and felting hides any mistakes
Hats are okay, if you don’t mind the ribbing.

It all depends on what you’d like to try next. If you love the project you’ll find a way to learn how to make it. I found a fair isle pattern that I absolutely love. It looks like plaid. I’ve never done fair isle, but I gotta do it sometime! Almost nothing is too hard to learn in knitting. It just may take longer.

When I started I made a scarf (which I later frogged & made something else with the yarn) and 2 dishcloths. Then I made a basketweave afghan for my ds, as well as a lace afghan for my neice at the same time.

I think a hat would be a great project to do next.

Just make sure if you do pick a project in the round to do - maybe do a project that is mainly on a circular needle, rather than double pointed needles. DPN’s are a bit trickier to get.

If you choose a hat, you’ll mainly use a circular needle, and then at the very end you’d use the dpn’s for the very top of the hat. It wuld give you some exposure with dpn’s but without being too much of a pain.

And, knitting with circular needles is a ton of fun! Just remember that you’re always working on the same side of the work… so instead of knitting and purling to get stockinette (knitting ont he right side, purling on the wrong side), you would just keep knitting. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you decide to do!

Jump in and do anything you want! With all the help here you never have to worry about getting stuck and you can pick a project you’d really like to do rather than one that seems “easy”.

Thanks for all the suggestions!! Oooh, I’ve been eyeing the booga bag. I was reading the instructions, and I understood most of it! :smiley: I can always ask here or at my LYS if I really get stuck. I’d better get started soon…I’m a teacher, and school starts in less than a month, and I’m starting grad school in the fall! I’d better take advantage of the time I’ve got now!

One more question to anyone who has done a booga bag–is it best to stick with the yarn they recommend? I think it was Noyo Kuremon or something similar.

Thanks all!! :smiley:

You don’t have to use the yarn they recommend…any 100% wool yarn will felt. Cascade 220 and Knit Picks WOTA are two of the most popular. You should try to find something in a similar gauge though if you want the size to be about the same. The nice thing about the Kuryon is that it self stripes so you can get that effect without having to change yarn.

RE the size, you might want to look at a couple of the Booga threads here…a lot of people end up with a much smaller bag than they thought they would. Depending on how large you want it, you may look at some of the suggestions for making it bigger.

I think that there is a vast array of yarn that has been used to knit that bag. The suggestion is Noro Kureyon which I personally hate. The colorways are amazing but I can’t stand the yarn itself.

really though, since it is a bag, you can really do it in just about any ol’ yarn you want as long as it felts. it doesn’t have to fit so make it in what catches your eye! :wink: