What's the most you have spent for a project?

OHHHH - my husband would kill me if he knew!!! I went to my LYS this weekend. I went in to get some yarn for an easy pattern for a sweater - its sleeveless, just a cute summer sweater. The yarn cost me $95!!! :shock: Thank goodness it didnt have sleeves! It’s going to be beautiful though - but man!!! I could have made it alot cheaper, but this yarn is just going to be awesome together. I forgot the names of the kinds I got - I’ll have to look - but ones a brown Debbie Bliss yarn and the one that got me is a ribbon yarn I’m going to hold with it with browns and light blues and corals in it - it’s truly going to be beautiful!

What are some of the more expensive projects you’ve worked on? Who knew Yarn could get you in debt? :wink:

Yarn can quickly get expensive. I am pretty frugal but it still adds up. I think my most pricy projects have been around $40 so far. (Although I can’t remember what I spent on the yarn for tubey… :thinking: )

My most $$$ items are the ones I hide in the top of my closet and never finish. Don’t worry too much about your costs, it you love the colors and the yarn, how could you walk away? Some things are just meant to happen.

I spent about $190 for Manos del Uruguay yarn for an afghan. DH allowed it for a combined Valentine’s/Birthday gift (I’m Feb. 19th). That’s the most.

As for sweaters, when it gets over $60 or so I get skeered. :oo:

Check this out … :thumbsup: