What's the diff?

Hi Everyone,
What’s the difference between a skein and a hank? Also, i’ve just been on knitpix for the first time. What does everyone order from that site? Any suggestions? How do you pay?

None, really, except weather it’s wound. At least, that’s the way I use it–a skein is already wound, and a hank isn’t. :shrug:

The difference between a skein and a hank is generally just how they’re wound. A hank is yarn you need to wind yourself before you can use it. A skein is usually ready-to-use.

I haven’t (yet) ordered from knitpix, though I browse there regularly, so I don’t have any recommendations.

I just recently listened to a podcast by Kelly @ Knitpicks who explains the difference between skeins and hanks - my understanding is that they are essentially the same thing (long, loopy put ups vs. balled) but that the term hank is used for bulkier yarns.

I’ve never purchased from them, so I can’t give any yarn recommendations.

Oh–I missed the KP question. I order from them all the time. Once you fill your basket/cart, you login (or register) and then pay, see shipping charges, etc. Just like buying from any other site. :shrug:

The Options needles are INVALUABLE. But for yarn, I like a lot of their stuff. Makes good substitution for more expensive yarns. The only thing to watch for is Wool of the Andes–I quite like working with it, but it pills. If you use it, get a sweater stone, too.