What's the deal

with Knit Picks? One of my 24in cables broke over 2 weeks ago (only a week after I got it), and I emailed them immediately. And then again and again. No response. I don’t have regular access to a phone or I’d call. Is it normal for them to take so long responding to their emails?

They are usually pretty quick to respond to emails, although phoning is faster. I understand they’ve been going through a relocation which could be causing some delay.

I have had issues with them as well. A phone call is much much faster. They seem to fix all the issues but still it’s a pain.

I had that happen once, too. Since they are usually pretty quick I figure it must be an internet glitch or something. I called them and it was settled quickly. The next time I got a quick email response. :shrug:

I just had that happen. I got an immediate auto response email saying it could take 2-5 business days to respond. It took more like 10, but they are still replacing it with no problem. If it had been that important to me, I would’ve just called them. Not sure why they are so slow these days but they do eventually take care of the problem. I’m getting ready to place another order for some Harmony tips and extra cables. We’ll see how long it takes to get them. :wink:

I’ve had a couple cables with issues, but received replacements so quickly I was shocked when I went to the mailbox. I called, not email.

I finally got an email response today. Unfortunately, I listed the broken cable as 29", instead of 24". So now I have to wait again because of my typo. Ah well, it’s not like I’m in a big hurry or anything. I was more worried that they may not have been checking/receiving their emails.