What's the deal with knitting fiction & cancer?

I have recently begun reading “knitting fiction” (or what I like to call “knit lit”). I have read 3 novels and in all 3- women have cancer! I may be particularly sensitive to this issue, since I had breast cancer 5 years ago (I’m fine now)- but what’s the deal?

Most stories have some conflict for the characters to work through to provide interest to the reader. Since cancer is a common problem, and can lead to either a happy or unhappy conclusion depending on how the author wants the story to go, this is a way for the author to add that conflict to the story in a believable fashion. Some authors add conflict in the form of dead bodies, searches for long-lost treasure, international diamond smugglers,etc. The books I have read with knitting as a theme tend to be a bout everyday people who don’t routinely deal with the diamond smuggler type of situation in their lives, but are very likely to deal with cancer at some point.

Hi there
I think people knit when they have cancer and other illnesses because it is very thereputic…something that you can pick up and put down whenever…You can even knit lying down (I have tried this) I hope that you are well now. Enjoy knitting your first pair of socks I must have made about 15 pairs since last year I’m hooked xx