What's the best increase

I knitting a sweater, and the directions for the sleeves say to increase 1 stitch each side inside the edge stitch. What increase is most invisible? I’ve tried the KFB and don’t really like the look of that. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I’ve learned so much from all of you. Thanks in advance.

Go to the Increases page and look through the videos for the various ones there. I like KLL/KRL, but have been experimenting with the K1A/T as well. ‘Best’ is what you like the look of, that’s why many patterns just say ‘inc’ and it’s your preference as to which one. We all knit differently and what looks good in one person’s knitting may not look as well in another person’s.

I agree with Suzy… KRL and KLL are my favorite for most invisible. I’m not sure which ones she’s referring to though for K1A and T. :think:

Ooops, typo… I meant M1a/t, the first ones shown which are the backward loop ones.

:lol: Heh. I suspected that’s what you meant. I’ve used those, too.

Thanks so much, as always, you guys are the greatest!!! I’ll let you know which one I like best.:thumbsup:

Yarn over :stuck_out_tongue: (ridiculously simple) but that’s not appropriate in this case…

I have done a scarf with mostly KFB increases, and it looked interesting, although not so suited for everything…
I would say KLL or something like that looks most invisible.
Yarn over is easiest.

I love the KRL and KLL for being the most invisible. Thanks again.