What's the best "in-the-round method?

Hi everyone…Here’s my dilemma…I want to make non seamed small hats (kids, starting at age 6) I have used dpn’s for small circular projects, but I do not particular care to do “ribbing” with DPN’s…any of my “16” circs are too big for little hats…What do you guys prefer? ML or 2 Circs or what? All patterns I have checked always use "16 inch and casting on less than 90 sts!!! :chair: this does not work for me…Thanks for all your in put…

It sounds to me like your best bet would be dpns. I used to cringe at the thought of using them, but now I prefer them. I think they just take a little getting used to. Anyway, hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I’d use Magic Loop. I love it and I’ve used it for socks and for The Curly Purly Pumpkin (which was written for DPNs) without ANY seams! SO much easier than DPNs!!

I’d do ML or 2 circs, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

agree with ML
DPN is fine for ribbing as long as you break them up at the same part in the pattern
if its K2 P2, then make sure each DPN starts on a K2 or a P2 so you dont get confused

it works for me, and I make some tiny hats
never was good at making for kids heads to fit right


Magic Loop and there are some you tube videos on the subject.

No matter what others prefer, you will have to find out which you like best. There are those who like each method. I don’t mind dpns at all, 2 circulars work fine for me too. ArtLady recently showed me how to do ML and that is nice too. Since you seem to have tried dpns and don’t particularly like them, I’d say try ML or 2 circs next. They both work well.

Thanks button didn’t work…so thank you:muah:

I actualy likeusing DPNs but the other method i use for small diameter is ML. It is nice and compact.

personally, I use a combined approach. If I am casting on at the crown, I start with a set of dp’s. I work the crown, then switch to my smallest circ (if it’s a kid’s cap). If I cast on at the band, I reverse it. Begin with the circ, then work up to the crown, and when the stitches are beginning to tug a bit around the circ, switch to dp’s. :shrug: I guess ya’ do whatever works. :shrug:

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I don’t care for magic loop, I prefer two circs.

KPG - love the pumpkin… I’ve got orange yarn, can’t wait to make a few… Thanks for sharing.

I’m a DPN girl - I do use circs when I can, but I do love my DPNs for socks and small hats. Another poster said it well - everyone has their own preference. My adivce - try them all a few times and then stick with your favorite. I know for me it takes a few times with something new to get the hang of it before I make my decsion as to whether I like it or not.

Happy knitting :knitting:

Ditto on everyone’s thoughts that you have to find with method you prefer. I haven’t done much with the 2 circs method but love ML. You’ll just have to experiement and see.

Thanks everyone for your input…I tried 2 circs…failed! Tried ML too…failed!!! Guess I’ll stick to my dpn’s for now( unless I run into that lovely lady again at the craft store)…Somehow she showed me small diameter with one circ…I knew I should of tried it when I got home, cause now I can’t remember:??

Well, you probably didn’t do so well with dpns the first time you tried either. Just practice the other methods and it may get easier. Here’s a couple links that show what I think the lady in the store showed you - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6RPe-cVOxs and http://tiajudy.com/loop.htm That’s how I do a modified ML.

Thanks SuzeeQ…that is pretty close!!!:cheering:

I vote for Magic Loop. I’ve made very small circumference knitting using KnitPicks Harmony needles: fingers for fingerless gloves. Better than DPN’s because there are less tips to keep track of, but most of all, there is way less laddering.

The BEST of anything is subjective.

What is BEST for you, might not be BEST for me.

I prefer circs and then DPNs for the crown of the hat.

I just want to address a sizing issue though. The number of CO sts depends on what gauge you are knitting at. 90 sts in fingering weight yarn or 90 in bulky yarn makes a huge difference. Since you say you are doing hats for 6 year olds, a 16" circular should be fine. I make my 4 year old DD hats on 16" circs and have no problem. She has a small head for her age. Most 6 year olds actually have an adult size head.

You can actually double knit hats top down or cuff to crown without seams on STRAIGHT NEEDLES! I’m currently proposing a book to Lark about “How-To” - sound interesting?