What's the best decrease to finish a skirt

Hi everyone:muah: finally picked up those needles again:thumbsup::thumbsup: after a very long hiatus!!! Got the urge to knit a toddler skirt…very simple stock st…Here’s the problem, how do I start to decrease so that it will not be just a straight tube:roflhard:…I would like it to “taper up” to the waist…I am just using circs going round and round, then I’ll seam up the back…Keep in mind guys,my knitting teacher is in heaven now:hug:so I am depending on you!!! Thanks alot Cheley

First you probably should decide on how many inches you want the skirt to come in. Then you can see how many decreases in total you need.

You might be able to do darts.

I may be dense this morning but how are you knitting a tube in the round AND having a seam up the back??

As for the decreases, since it’s a toddler skirt, you wouldn’t need many. I’ve done one where I just knit a tube, put a hem row (don’t actually know what it’s called) on the top edge and thread ribbon through as a drawstring.

It will be a `tube’ after it’s seamed up the back.

You could put decs where the side seams would be, in other words about 1/4 of the way in from both edges. But I wouldn’t think a little girl’s skirt would need many, maybe a couple on each side.

Yep, it will be a “tube” when I seam up the back!!! I guess my question is: What dec st should I use? According to my ref book Stitch n Bitch, dec are different on "right side and wrong side of work, as well as left slant and rt slant…so, since it’s worked in st what kind of dec should I use? Although I did watch “Knitty Gritty” today and it was all about Skirts…If I don’t find the answer here…I’ll try that site…Thanks to all

One I like that’s a double decrease and might look good is this… Slip 2 sts as if doing a k2tog, knit 1, then pass the slipped sts over. It comes out with the middle stitch on top so it really doesn’t slant either way.

Come to think of it, you maybe should do dbl decs - if it were knit in 2 pieces with a side seam, you’d end up with 2 decs at the seam side anyway.

Sorry. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess I got confused when you said you were “using circs going round and round”…

Thanks:muah: Sounds good to me, I’ll give the stitch a try:happydance::happydance: