What's on your basic notion wishlist?

I learn about the neatest things on this list - yarns I’ve never heard of, bags I’ve never seen…so I have a notion wishlist and I thought I’d ask what’s on yours? Maybe I’ll find something else to add to mine?

Knitter’s review just reviewed the stitchkeepersI’ve been coveting.

I also want some locking stitch markers or maybe just the split ones.

Coil needle holdersare really cute - better than the mini rubber bands I have now.

I originally had this row counteron my list, but now I wantthis one. Or the green locking one - my kacha-kacha is always getting pushed when I don’t want it to.

Anyone else have a list?

I want some of the coil needle holders or the ones that are shaped like a sweater =P

The coil ones would be great for dpns tho =D

I love looking at notions and I have most of what I really need. Here are a couple of things I don’t really “need”, but I’d love to get them someday anyway.


:thinking: My basic notion wishlist??? … How about enough paper and ink to keep track of my very long “To-Knit” !!! It’s hard keeping up with it all… :roflhard: :roflhard:

Those stitch keepers are pretty cool…(from Knitter’s Review)

When I first started knititng I had all the notions and now I don’t use them lol but those coil wrappers keep saying you need me… :rollseyes: :rofling:

I want

small tape measure
more stitch markers
coil needle holders

I would stay away from the split stitch markers unless you have some others, too. The pointy part tends to poke you when you hold the needles and it sometimes catches in the yarn. :shock: I just use the round ones in various sizes now.

I love the stitch keeper for the dpn’s!!! I think that’s on my list. :wink:

I, too, want the Row Counter Plus :smiley:

I was thinking of using the split or locking st markers in place rather than on the needles, but that’s definitely a good point. Guess I should just consider the locking kind as the splits might catch.

I keep breaking my plastic ring st markers (the thin blue & red ones), so I guess I need to add soft unbreakable ones to my list!

Seems like I have most of the basics, but I would like…

needle id tags
knit klips

This Norwegian Knitting Thimbleis interesting. Has anyone ever tried one?

Since I’m new I’m saving up for quite a few things:

A row counter
Circular needles (I have none, I want some!!)
Crochet hooks
Yarn yarn yarn yarn
A sewing machine!!!

Every thing I’ve bought has been from Ebay (I got like 150 pairs of used needles for $20!) And walmart.

That’s quite a score on the needles Nimmie! I got a lot of used notions like that from garage and estate sales. Not sure if that’s an option where you live.

have, love, use all the time:
small (1.5"x2") Post-It notes for marking patterns, writing small notes, etc.
Chibi needles
yarn clippies (see my blog thread for a pic, I can’t find these anywhere online)
ring stitch markers
locking stitch markers
tape measure
yarn cutter pendant
various point protectors
needle sizer

circular needle tags
row counter
"idiot tags"

I want some of those idiot tags, too. Oh, wait a minute, I guess they’re not for people, huh! :rofling:

:roflhard: there’s like 1000 of them in a bag, Ingy. I’m sure you’d have a few extra you can use on some lucky people. :roflhard:

You know, just as an early warning device. :thinking: