What's on you list?

If all of you knitters are like me, :teehee: I was wondering what kinds of things do you have on your list of things to knit? :knitting: As I look through patterns and books, I get more and more ideas.

My list goes as such:

  1. SOCKS! :thumbsup:
  2. Felted Clogs
  3. A sweater
  4. A draft stopper
  5. A wine bottle cozy

I bet that I will think of more as the day goes on. But I was just what everyone else is daydreaming about. :flirt:


Meg Swansen’s Gordian knot pullover

A knit/purl sweater

I’m working on a design for a lace cardigan.

A sweater out of my Malabrigo
Scarves for my sisters’ American Girl dolls
Asminah’s hat
A panda for Amanda and a sock monkey for Kayla (my little sisters :heart:)

My :knitting: list consist of: Dishcloths, Sweater, Socks, Hat & Scarf & Afghans. The good part is I actually have several of them started already. Knit Mom I am like you every time I look at patterns or books or even :knitting:websites my list gets longer and longer. I have found that I really like do cable knitting. So a lot of my project will have cables.

Keep knitting everyone

Oh, jeez, what isn’t on my list? :lol:

  1. finish Fifi (currently OTN)
  2. finish Ballet Cami from Magknits (currently OTN)
  3. 3 baby blankets for upcoming babies
  4. a bunch of bunny blankets
  5. sweater for DH (haven’t decided on pattern yet)
  6. dye yarn for sweater for DD

I have a shawl on the needles now (that is not going well)

and trim to finish for a purse

I plan to start:
a scarf for a charitable donation
Wrist warmers (my first attempt at cabling)
and my second pair of socks

Socks, always more socks.
A vest for my husband.
My first sweater.
Fiber Trends Clogs

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many projects, so little time

Khaki Cables
A cabled afghan
Lizard Ridge afghan
a sweater from the NORO book
Candle & Flame Shawl
Felted rolled brim hat
more clogs
A slew of baby sweatersfor babies this fall
a sweater for DH
Wallaby for my daughter for Christmas


My list is outpacing me. I need to finish up everything I have OTN and then I need to get cracking on Christmas which is including clogs, scarves, discloths and bags. I also want to get to my lace. I would love to try socks but I had better get my stuff done first.

I currently want to knit a scarf for my little sis, a scarf for meand a scarf for my DBF’s daughter
2 baby blankets for friends
2 purse’s for myself

NewKnitter44102 a.k.a. the selfish knitter

YEAH, I am so happy to know I am not the only person who has such a long list! :teehee:

  1. Dog sweater for my neighbor’s dog.
  2. Drawstring bag.
  3. Chevron mosaic scarf.
  4. Regular scarf.
  5. Pink blanket.
  6. Pencil case for 7th grade!
    That’s it…for now.

OMG - Dude, I have way too many things to list. :mrgreen:

Hoo boy… Here we go…

Socks, eventually.
A felted bag (my Airborn exploded in my bag… huge mess… needs to get tossed :frowning: )
And eventually, once I get good, this beautiful Pinwheel Sweater

But… I have a bunch of stuff to finish before I even think of buying more yarn for these projects :slight_smile:

oh boy to much

The Penny Socks
Birdy Buddy Bag
Rose of England
Twisted Flower
Bayerische Socks
and a lot more…:teehee:

:rofl: me too. heres an abriviated list:
[li]lots of socks[/li][li]dh’s vest[/li][li]baby blanket gift[/li][li]hats[/li][li]scarves[/li][li]‘peekaboo’ mittens[/li][li]four little girl sweaters (all probably the 'drive-thru’sweater:heart:)[/li][li]summertime tunic[/li][li]rib, cotton tank[/li][li]lacey tank[/li][li]cotton pullover[/li][li]fiber trends clogs, hedgehog, sheep[/li][li]IK carousel horse[/li][*]a couple of sets of baby layettes[/ul]that’s it of the top of my head!

I have some stuff for me and some Christmas presents on the list of stuff to knit.

OTN right now is a Lace Leaf Pullover (my first sweater, and it’s slow-going…let’s not talk about it).

The soon to be knit list is:
Monkey socks (for meeeee!!!)
Lots more socks
Manly Kureyon hat
little girl poncho
golf club cover
Felted bags
felted wine cozy

Here is my list:
[li]3 Huggable Hedgehogs[/li][li]set of golf club covers for Dad[/li][li]finish Branching Out scarf for Mom[/li][li]first socks[/li][li]Buttonhole Bag for Mom[/li][li]baby blanket[/li][li]Makeup bag/case for friend[/li][*]various charity knitting[/ul]

Me too!! Just looking at all your lists is giving me more ideas!:teehee:

So here’s just a sample of mine:
kid’s jammie pants currently OTN, but have to frog b/c my design needs reworking…:frog:

silk tank top

“Grecian Plaits” from [U]knitter’s[/U]

socks, socks, & more socks

4 ties for Christmas presents

Poncho from [U]Loop-d-Loop[/U]

dress vest/sweater (haven’t decided which yet)

hmm…I am like you, Knit Mom, I browse the net, and even see other’s FOs and think ooh I have to knit that. So my list at the mo, is as follows:

  1. Arm warmers out of the SnB Nation book (have ordered the yarn from the states off Ebay, its on its way! YAY!)

  2. Booga Bag (also have ordered the yarn as above)

  3. Socks - absolutely fascinated with socks, so want to learn. Have seen so many gorgeous patterns that are just calling me, thank goodness for ctrl-D to bookmark all the web pages!

  4. Huggable Hedgehog - gotta find how to get my hands on the pattern here in NZ!

  5. Hooded scarf

  6. Aran Laptop cover

  7. Irish hiking scarf

There are many more, but that will do for now! Before I can start any of them I have a baby cardi to finish, and a scarf for my mother!