What's my yarn?

Hi all, I’m wondering if you can help.

I’ve got this yarn, and I want more! Trouble is, I have no idea what it is.
What I do know:
I bought it at a big craft store (Michaels, A.C. More)
It had a raw, unrefined paper label on it - no glossy ink or fancy labeling.
It’s very soft and quite variagated in color, and has a bit of fuzz to it.
I’ve started the ‘My so-called-scarf’ with it and suspect It will be a better length if I can track down another skein.


apparently it’s mystery yarn!

True story: I have 9 skeins of a nicely colored yarn (dream project: sweater) that is labeled 100% unknown fiber. I bought it not knowing a damn thing about fibers, and was just figuring I’d convince someone to knit a sweater out of it for me.
There are 2 more of the big box stores to check out, then I’ll go talk to LYS people and find something close and complimentary I think.

Hmmm, it’s not ringing any bells for me. But I will keep my eyes open for you when I stop by there.

Pretty sure that’s Tweedle Dee by Moda Dea. Unfortunately, not only has the yarn been discontinued, the entire company has folded (it was a division of Coats & Clark). If you want more, you could try looking on eBay or through Ravelry, a knitters site. You have to sign up and acceptance takes a few days, but it’s free and an invaluable resource. http://www.herrschners.com/Product/Moda+Dea+Tweedle+Dee+Yarn.aspx

I have to agree, it looks like Moda Dea to me, but not sure which flavor. I am sure you can find some at Ravelry or Overstock.com. I would be careful on e-Bay, however. I bought some discontinued yarn, and the seller swore it still had the label and was what I needed, only to get it and have it be not the right yarn and not the right color.

Live and learn, caveat emptor.

Buying from eBay and Amazon secondary sellers is always slightly risky, but having done a great deal of shopping on both sites, very rare, and both companies will refund your money if there’s a problem. If you got stuck with something wrong from eBay, contact them! They are very good about these situations.

That sure looks like it! Thanks tons :thumbsup:

Just poked around some more, Modea Dea Tweedle Dee yarn in Indogo Run is it!

Just ordered some up to finish the project. Many thanks!

Whatever it is, it sure is pretty!