What's in your knitting bag?

I thought this would be an interesting topic. What kinds of non traditional knitting things do you carry in your bag? Skip the obvious like needles, yarn and your projects. What other things do you consider necessary for your bag, and why do you carry them?

Some things that I carry:

Nail file, clippers, hand lotion and cuticle oil: There’s nothing worse than having dry hands, a hangnail, or a split fingernail to catch on your cashmere!

Lip balm: I’m a lip balm addict. I have a tube everywhere. In my truck, my purse, by my desk, and of course, in my knitting bag.

A mini book light with clip and flexible light shaft: When riding in the car at night, I clip it to my seatbelt so I can knit in the dark. I can also clip it right to my shirt and aim it at my knitting. It’s small so the light doesn’t distract the driver even if I’m in the front passenger seat. I also carry a set of extra batteries for it.

A notepad and pencil: Maybe this is a typical item, but I carry it to jot down yarn requirements to take to a yarn shop.

Mild reading glasses: In case my eyes get tired, so I don’t have to stop knitting.

Im a total slob…the bottom of my knitting bag is covered in old yarn wrappers. :oops: Looking on the bright side…they provide extra bag stability? :shifty:

Sil…you forgot to mention that a tiny stuffed sheep is an absolute necessity! :smiley:

That’s my tape measure! It’s it the cutest!!! :slight_smile:

well my knitting bag is whichever purse i happen to be carrying at that moment so right now it has my wallet and sunglasses…a pouch with about 5 different lip balms and glosses in it…some shout wipes cuz the girls are always getting themselves dirty…and my cellphone holder. the rest is all knitting stuff i think

That has to be the most adorable tape measure Ive ever seen! :cheering:

I’m with Kelly - lots of old yarn wrappers, and a mess of stitch markers!


I still don’t have a knitting bag :frowning:

Ok, you all are making me feel totally anal. My bag is so organized and clean even my old yarn lables are in a ziplock bag. :oops:

But, maybe I can redeem myself by saying that my knitting bag is the ONLY thing in my life this organized. lol

I wanna be JUST LIKE SILVER when I grow up!!

LOL @ Kelly

So, at the moment I have about 3 bags that I’m using as knitting bags, but the one I bought specifically for that has in it (besides yarn, tape measure, etc):

Southwest airplane peanuts
Printed out airline guidelines for flying with knitting needles
Boarding pass
Yarn wrappers (I feel I should keep them, but don’t know what to do with them)

Can you tell I haven’t cleaned out my bag since I took it on the plane? :oops: You never know when you might want a peanut…

Apart from the obvious things and the notepad/pencil I also have a lil’ cosmetic-kind of bag for my cigarette box in order to keep the tobacco away from my knitting.
Yes, I learned that the hard, gross kind of way!

And a hair tie cause my hair is now too long and starts to bother me sometimes.

I’ve had a diaper in my knitting bag at one time…another I found batteries. Right now, there is a pastry bag tip in there.

[color=indigo]I keep all my knitting accessories in a small clear cosmetic bag–various sizes of post-it notes, crochet hook, scissors, stitch markers, pencil, lotion, tape measure, and needles.

I also keep a bottle of water, book (for when I need a break from knitting), and nail file.[/color]

Ok, going to show my anal retentive side here…

My knitting bag currently consists of…all my knitting paraphanalia, complete with yarn in the clear baggies sheets and curtains come in (with the zippers) and it is a large duffel bag on wheels.

When I am traveling (to the doctor or on a trip) I have a large black bag I got as a freebie when I bought shampoo at the salon which houses a book, knitting/cross stitch projects, water, lotion, a notepad and pencil. I clean the bag out everytime I leave the house with it, so I know it has what I need in it.

When I go for a kids game (soccer, baseball, etc…) or when camping, I for some reason carry all of this in Longaberger’s medium market basket (huge basket that holds so much stuff). Again, this gets cleaned out each time I leave the house.

I know, I know, big pain in the bootie!!

I don’t actually have a knitting bag.

When I take my knitting somewhere I just stick it in my purse, or use a paper bag with handles.

So nothing interesting to speak of really. How sad is that?!!


lol, I’m afraid I might have you all beat!

I work in technical theatre and costume design and every time I go to some conference I end up bringing home at least 5 promotional tote bags. I have about 12 bags I regularly use, one for each project and two for my stash (which is admittedly too small.) Basically, I’m constantly trying to find darning needles, random dpn’s and stitch markers that are all in different bags. Some of the funnier things I’ve found in my bags:

Half a carton of unopened cigarettes and four lighters (in one bag)
A copy of The Prince by Machiavelli (I don’t think I own that)
A jar of Nutella
My kitten’s collar
A bag of animal crackers (did you know these actually have an expiration date?)
A shaker full of salt. All over my socks-in-progress


yeah i think a craving was just triggered…sigh

I have a cat toy that wandered into my bag sometime ago and has yet to be rescued. That’s about it…oh, and bits of leftover yarn that I’ve grown attached to so I can’t throw them out just yet.

Welcome Kid Showbiz! Yikes, that’s a lot of bags! It would drive me crazy to have to rummage through so many bags for that lost needle gauge!

Egeria and Nuno, me too… I’m knitting-bag-less at the moment! I’m very picky about choosing a bag that I really like. I won’t buy or make a new bag unless I really like it. The irony is, in the mean time I’m using a couple of random canvas shopping bags which I hate. I’ve got two nearly completed knitting bags ready for felting though. Hopefully when all is said and done I’ll like one enough to use it! I can’t WAIT to have a knitting bag I love. I get SO disorganized without one!

As far as what I carry with me…
I have a small tape measure/key chain I got at a hardware store. I love it! I have that and a nail clipper on my keys, and I use them both constantly! Nothing worse then getting a snag in your nail and having it catch on your knitting constantly. I rarely have scissors in my bag, I use the nail clipper.

And I always have my Burt’s Bees lipstick or chapstick with me. I love that stuff. And my cell phone with camera; I’ve been known to snap pictures of strangers (with their permission) if they’ve got a fantastic knit hat on or something. :blush:

The last thing I carry with me is a small bottle of hand sanitizer. I snack a lot (doctor recommends it for me), and like to have clean hands. I also use it on scary public toilet seats. :oo:

…And my wallet, and knitting on the needles. That’s usually it!