What's happened to my work?

Hello! This is my first time knitting a ribbed garment and I’ve run into an issue I really can’t seem to work out. As you can see in the photo, it looks like I’ve got a dropped purl stitch but also the next stitch on my left needle seems to be under the purl to its left… Is this fixable?

I’ve taken a video of the piece as well which I feel helps with seeing the issue but I don’t know if I can upload a video to this forum…

Welcome to the forum!
This looks very fixable.

Lift the loop (red dots) up onto the left needle in front of the stitch (blue circle). Then lift the blue stitch over the red dotted loop and off the needle. That should give you a purl bump, ready to be purled on the current row.

Oh my gosh, thank you so so much! I just did this and I feel so much relief. I appreciate you! ˗ˋˏ :heart: ˎˊ˗

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So many of the mistakes are easily fixable when you recognize them early enough.
Well done!

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