What's going wrong with my 2x2 rib?

Hi, I’m not a great knitter but am currently trying to knit a hoody. it was all going well, but suddenly I am having a problem that I simply do not understand. I have successfully done 2x2 rib already on the fronts and back of garment, but now I come to do it again for the sleeve and I am not getting the rib effect at all. I am so convinced I am doing the same thing as before: knit 2 purl 2, but it’s just not working. I have undone it at least 8 times not and I am beginning to lose the will. All help greatly appreciated! Thanks in Advance, Tracey

How many stitches are you working on the sleeve ribbing? It should be a number divisible by 4.

The best way to treat ribbing (and other stitch patterns) is to look at the stitches from the previous row. If the next stitch on the needle looks like a V, knit it. If it looks like a bump or collar, purl it. That way you’re sure to get nice columns of knits and purls.

I’m working 34 as instructed by the pattern, which obviously doesn’t divide by 4… I am starting from casting on, doing a row starting with K2, then P2 etc to the end. Then starting the next row with K2 again.

OK, for 34 sts you would begin with K2, work the rib and end with K2. The next row starts with P2.
I’m assuming this is knit back and forth and not in the round?

What you said about being divisible by four gave me food for thought over my dinner and I had just decided to try starting the second row with a P2. I think this might be the answer. Thank you so much. I am determined to finish this hoody if it kills me. I have to knit in the round for the hood so no doubt I will be posting more questions when I get that far. Thank you again, Tracey

Don’t forget that to make ribbing you knit the knits and purl the purls regardless of stitch count. I haven’t read the other responses so disregard if it’s not what you need to know.

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Thanks Jan. I think that was the problem, but with my novice head on and it being right at the beginning after the casting on, I was not seeing the difference in the stitches. Hoping to try again later.

We’ve all been there. It takes lots of practice and asking questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you all - I’ve sorted it and I’m very happy! What a wonderful site this it. I will be back.