Whats Better?

When I was brand brand new at knitting, I would say bamboo, but now that I’ve finished a couple projects, I say metal. Bamboo grips the yarn too much for my liking, I like the way the metal lets the yarn slide off easier. I am currently using bamboo DPNs for a hat that I’m knitting which is okay b/c I feel safer in that the yarn won’t just slide right off and the needle slide completely out of a row.

My follow-up…ive tested both Metal and Bamboo over the last week or so and i find that i am faster and my tension is better with the Bamboo…i love them…now maybe when im way better at it i with try the nickle plated…what i would really like is to try the harmony.

Thanks to everyone for the advice …its amazing to me the difference from one person to the next.

I started to knit years ago when you mostly found metal ones. Now years later, getting into it again there is a much wider variety to choose from. With carpal tunnel and arthritis I find the lighter weight wood easier to use and am gradually replacing my metal collection, although for some yarns they are easier to use. I love the Brittany birch needles although most of my new ones are Clover Bamboo - a good choice for beginners (use your 40% off coupon at JoAnns). I still prefer metal for #1 sock needles - wood was like knitting with toothpicks!

I will have to look into the Brittany birch ones…haven’t seen them…right now im using the Clover Bamboo.Thanks for you input!!

I am trying to teach myself to knit with the videos from this site and other places. I bought a how to knit kit and it came with two metal needles size 8 and 6. I got the cast on part pretty good, but when trying to do my 1st row the thread was slipping all over the needle and I got very frustrated. So I came here to find out if there was a better needle to learn with. I am going to try out the bamboo to see if that will help me. I really want to learn and not give up.

I personally don’t care for bamboo. I tried to sharpen the points and it just split apart.

It’s better to sandpaper the points to get them a little sharper.

I started out knitting years ago with the heavy Boye metal needles. Got back into it a few years ago and having had carpal tunnel and arthritis, I prefer the lighter weight needles. Since I usually buy what’s cheap or on sale I have a variety of all kinds. The Susan Bates Quicksilver are great and I wish I had more. Most of mine are Clover Bamboo I bought at Joann’s and I am very happy with them to knit most anything. But my absolute favorite is Brittany Birch - unfortunately I only have one set in 8 straights.

Sorry to repeat myself again - I thought this was a completely new thread and only read the first page!

I didn’t buy the bamboo, instead I bought Lion Brand plastic knitting needles. So far I like that they are flexible and the yarn doesn’t slide off like it did with my other needles. Now I am not so flustered.:woot:

I am not buy bamboo too