Whats Better?

Bamboo Needles or Metal??I have the metal ones right now and some Bamboo ones coming…which do you like best and do i need to do anything to the bamboo ones before i use them?

I’m new at the needle thing…when i first started knitting about a year ago i just went down and bought the cheap ones but now im told that the bamboo is better and easier to use.

Whats you opinion!!

It is all preference…

But mine is actually my harmony wood ones right now.

I haven’t enjoyed bamboo cause it seems every set I have owned has ended up catching the yarn at the tip at one period or another…

I do like metal, but it is nothing but nickel plated for me! no going back to Susan Bates…and NEVER boye!!!

It depends on the yarn and the individual knitter. Some people hate bamboo and wouldn’t use them, others love it and wouldn’t use anything else. Stickier yarns do bettern on metal, slick yarns are better on wood. Thin yarns like laceweight and sock are probably better on wood. Get a pair of inexpensive bamboo and try them out.

There is no better, it’s totally a personal preference sort of thing.

I had used metal & plastic before, preferred whichever had the pointiest tips (meaning it changed in different situations). When I bought my first bamboo needles (a circular for socks & some dpns), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ended up loving them. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that they were really pointy! Found they didn’t slide [U]quite[/U] as easily, but they didn’t grab either.

Be careful though, esp if you get them in small sizes. I bent a dpn with use and a tip of my circs got broken in my bag.

It is totally personal preference. I love Susan Bates Quicksilver needles so much I just ordered some circs to do a sweater for my husband. The aluminum needles are fine, and I use them quite a bit. I tried bamboo, but had it catching so much fiber that I chunked them in the trash. I know of folks who won’t knit with anything BUT bamboo or wooden needles. I like the slidey feel of the Quicksilver needles, others like the more stable feel of wooden or bamboo. It’s just like yarn, you like what you like, and not everyone will agree with you.

Bamboo is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, but in a bad way because I actually like fingernails on a chalkboard, can’t stand the bamboo scraping together.

I would totally agree that it is all about preference. I have both wood- bamboo and hamony and also metal options. I use certain ones for certain projects. If the yarn is really slippery or I am knitting lace, I prefer bamboo. My Norwegian sweater used wool and that was sticky so I used metal to help me go faster. Try some of each type and use what you like!

For a new knitter: [B]bamboo[/B]

For a new knitter: [B]bamboo[/B]

I disagree. A lot of new knitters tend to knit tight and bamboo makes it that much harder to move the sts. Again, the right answer is - it depends.

Must disagree with your ‘disagree’.

Teach the new knitter [B]to cast on with a larger needle,[/B] and then knit the first row with the smaller, gauge needle B.[/B] In my experience, a tight cast-on row is a ‘lead-in’ or ‘set-up’ for tight knitting. This can be avoided by the teacher’s recommendation. Tight cast-on’s are the first thing I watch for, and immediately correct. I teach & emphasize that their needle should always be able to slide back and forth through the stitches on them. Tight knitting can be an impossible strain, and very discouraging.

So, I still maintain that [B]given[/B] [B]the two choices she asked about,[/B] [U]metal or bamboo[/U], [B]bamboo is best. [/B]When I’m teaching a new knitter, I’m called on to make a recommendation to her. I can’t tell her ‘it depends’. Bamboo will give ultimately give her more control, and fewer dropped stitches. If she has the budget, I would recommend Harmony’s. If not, JoAnn’s has inexpensive bamboo for a learner.

I think the ‘right answer’ is a [B]decision.

If they do it that way… a self taught knitter probably wouldn’t and be very frustrated.

I think a self-taught knitter could also be very frustrated with metal, the resulting loosey-goosey stitches and then dropped stitches! When you are learning…let’s agree that anything can be discouraging. :knitting:

See you’re thinking that they’re going to be knitting loose, I’m coming at it that a new knitter knits tight and pulls on the yarn. It’s probably about 50/50, so it really depends on how the person knits as to which type of needle would be better for them.

If a new knitter asks me, “I’m going to Joann’s to get my needles for the class. What kind of needle should I purchase?” …I don’t respond, “Buy both and see which one works best”. I tell them to buy bamboo since a decision has to be made, which is what Shaylen12 was asking.

I follow your point about a new knitter’s tendency to knit tight. :thumbsup:

I’d probably tell them to get a metal one… :wink:

Yes, I know! :wink:

I hate bamboo. I’ve also been knitting for years and prefer nickel-plated so that they just slide right off the kneedle. I do remember starting out dropping stitches all the time. I think that bamboo would be great for a beginner. However, I’d imagine that their tastes are going to change to metal later on. But I think that comes with experience and preference. But for starting out I would teach someone on bamboo.

I have one set of alum in 8 which I can’t stand!!! I almost made me not want to knit but I quickly found a really cheap set of bamboo on etsy (15 diff sizes) and love wood. Switch to Harmony and REALLY love them. But found a use for the alum when I tried to work w/ this blasted wool for a scarf. As a newby (a month ago) i hated the weight of the alum and liked the wieght of the wood and that have a lot to do with it I think…

I find it so interesting how we all have completely different tastes. You’d think there would be more consistency. But apparently there are just as many ways to knit as there are knitters.

i have one pair of bamboo needles… they are all right… they feel lighter… but i like the metal ones… not just because they are easier to get and cheaper to buy… but because im used to them… my ex husband hated them though because of the small like clinking noises and what sounds like a little metal ball sliding in them…