What's BEST Internchangeable Circular Needles?

I have the Boye’s interchangeables and the only thing I don’t like about them is that they are a little rough where the needle screws into the cable. Are they ALL that way? What do you use and recommend?

Hi Arielluria,
I have both a Boye Set and a Knit Picks Options (nickle plated) set. I like the Options better because the tips are more tapered, and I just like working with nickle plated needles. The actual cable/chord is fantastic!! It’s very flexible, yet strong; so you don’t have to worry about boiling them to get pliable.

I still use my Boye set, and the only thing that I really don’t like about them is the stiffness of the cable. I don’t like having to boil them to get them to flex comfortably. As far as the smoothness of the join where the cable connects to the needle, my Boye joins are fine; they’ve never snagged anything when I use them. Maybe you have a defective set?? :??
Of the two, I recommend Knit Picks Options (nickle plated). They aren’t cheap; but if you can afford a long term knitting tools investment, definately save up for them.
Hope that helps!

Oh boy… there are dozens of post on this subject. Here’s an old poll with comments.

If you use the search and type in Interchangeable Needles you’ll get a ton more.

WOW! Thanks! That totally answers my question. I’m going to put the KP Options really win out!!!

I WOULD like to know if anyone else has the problem on their Boyes that I do (above).

I just read a write-up (Interweave Knits, Spring 2009) on Addi interchangeables. I haven’t seen or tried them. Bet they are good and expensive!!

I didn’t have the exact same problem you did on the Boye’s but I found that it would catch after the join where the taper widens again. I also found the cords to be super stiff. I was getting tendonitis from using them.

I got some KP options and the tendonitis left. They work like a dream! So well, in fact, that I would like a second pair someday.


I’m making the above shawl to use as a scarf and I’m using my KP Harmonys and I’m so glad I have them. I used 2 24’ cables to knit the 2 center pieces and after joining the ends with kitchener stitch I picked up the stitches at the other ends with the provisional cast on with the 24’ cables and used my end caps to hold them while I picked up stitches down the long side with my 40" cable and worked on around. I seemed to be continually screwing a needle tip off and putting on an end cap and vice versa. I’m now knitting a border on and holding my live stitches on the 40" cable with one needle tip and an end cap so I don’t drop stitches off the back end.
Just this item alone makes the investment in interchangeables worth while.

Oh my i am so sick of my Boye’s. I have the exact same problem as Arielluria. The larger sizes are rough (like they need to be sanded down) and I have a problem with the transition from cable to larger needle sizes, sometimes its almost impossible! Knitpicks Harmony, one day you will be mine!

FYI, the roughness on my Boye’s where the needle ends and cable screws in, is not ONLY on the larger sizes, it’s all, size 7 and 8, etc. It’s like they needed to sand them down but didn’t. I might try my Dremel on those to see if it smooths them out…then I’ll ask Santa for some KP Options or something :wink:

I broke down and treated myself to the new Addi interchangeables. I have to say, that even though I’ve read about some problems that they ‘rushed’ it out and there are some errors in needle sizes, etc, I LOVE them.

I have the Options, and they are very, very good, but I have had problems with the cord coming out of the connector and with the ends unscrewing if it’s not really tightened down. The Addis just kind of push in and stay and so far, so good.

They are a lot more expensive than the Options, though.

WHAT!!! I just looked them up. $150.00 ??? Like One Hundred, and Fifty Dollars??? :noway: That’s like … wow!! And I had a hard time justifying $60 for my Options! :pout:

And you only get 3 cables for that price! At the present time there isn’t even an option to purchaase additional cables.

Just received my set of Denise Interchangable Needles. Still in the discovery stage, but I think I am going to really like the security of the attachment. I had looked at other sets but was really put off by the fear of the needles coming loose from the cable (I am a newbie and recovering lost stitches is still a mystery for me!)

My favorite is the Denise set, well okay it is my only set. 2 years ago I broke down and purchased them from ebay and I really like the set I got. I like to be able to switch them all around when I need it.

I recently received a gift from my DH of a set of the Skacel Addi-knits (turbo, stainless steel) and am loving them much better than any of the cheaper ones I’ve ever had. They don’t come undone for me.

yes, they are expensive, but I believe in good tools if I’m going to put a lot of labour into making something.

I have used Boye and I have Denise and Options. I hated the Boye and never use my Denise anymore at all. Love my Options!

I already have both the Nova and the Harmony Options sets. I’m too scared to try the Addi Clicks. I love Addi needles (have lots of circular fixed Addi’s), and what if I just have to have 'em? Nuh uh. I won’t be trying them for a while! :wink:

Dh and I recently got a set of Denise Needles and we love them.
It’s the first set of interchangeable needles we’ve used, so we have nothing to compare them to, but so far so good.

When I was learning to knit and hadn’t gotten involved in knitting communities online and found that there are other needles than what is in Hobby Lobby I started to buy the Boye set piece by piece and I have a few pieces. I hated the cable from day 1! But I didn’t know the difference yet. Since then I have been buying needles in the yarn shop whenever I need a size so I do have several Addis–including one lace one–and a TON of ChiaoGoos. I got a couple of fixed metal circulars from Knit Picks. So I had a pretty good variety to use to judge. SO I know that if it’s not a DPN I want nickel needles. The Boyes’ surface drives me crazy. I made my daughter a cotton scarf and thought I would pull my hair out before I got the dang thing done! I do like wood & bamboo sometimes but love nickel. Eventually I did get an Options set and I LOVE it! Addi is great. The cable is great and the surface is awesome. I’ve found, though, that it’s hard to go back to Addi after I used Options because I really want a good, sharp tip. The Addi lace needle has that, and I would buy more of them, but I prefer the nickel plate. Some still like Addi better but I can’t imagine liking them $100 better. Options sounds like a lot but if you break down the price I think it’s a good price. I totally agree that you should get the needles that you aremost comfortable with even if they are expensive if you can possibly pay for them. They’re worth it. You’re worth it. You’ll use them a lot.