What's an invisible seam?

I’m knitting a silk shrug from Erika Knight’s classic knits. I never knit a sweater w/ seams. My first was a raglan w/out a simple seam. Reading ahead (I’m still knitting individual pieces), I notice it says to use “invisible seams.” I looked at KH for a video on seams but I didn’t find this. What is it, and where could I find a video for it?

If you’re using stockinette try mattress stitch. It’s nearly invisible. There is a video under finishing techniques in the tips section.

Since it says invisible SEAM…it is prolly just what Jan said…the mattress seam. It can be almost invisible from the RS!

There is a side seam in this photo? Can you find it?

There is also a side seam in the middle of this photo!

There is a side seam in this pullover, too!

And a side seam in this photo, too!

Mattress seaming is the best technique I ever learned!
It is so much simpler, and easier, to do! It is worked with the right side facing you from jumpstreet…so you can see exactly what you are doing as you seam your way from bottom to top!

Glad to hear that you are conscientious about your knitting techniques! It’s a good habit to get into…the fine details make or break a sweater!

Just after I wrote this query, I scrolled down to bottom of finishing techniques and found mattress stitch. However, I’ve decided that since I have so many pieces to seam, and this is my first time finishing a sweater, I’m going to pay one of the great ladies at Knitty City (NYC) for a private lesson in finishing. This way I don’t ruin the garment on which I’ve been spending so much time (and money)!

If you would like to check out the mattress stitch on line, go to Knitty.com/ISSUEspring04 excellent illustrations on how do the the mattress stitch. It’s under Theresa’s techniques Ellie