What's an easy sweater pattern for scaredy cat knitters?

Okay, I decided I’m going to try to knit a sweater finally, but it’s got to be easy so I don’t get all discouraged and freaked out by difficult techniques. :oops: Does anybody have any suggestions on a good, easy first pattern for a sweater? I’ve seen on the forum sweaters that are “knit from the top down”–are these easy? What does that mean? I had a previous post where I inquired about SnB’s “To Dye For” sweater and I’m still mulling that idea around. What does everybody think? Help!

This pattern is pretty easy, has no seaming, and can be adapted for any yarn and any size.

Thanks Ingrid–you’re the best! (you’re still awake, too, huh? :wink: )

Yeah, I don’t feel the least bit sleepy, so what the heck.

Another thought on the sweater–making a baby or child’s sweater involves all the same shaping with less knitting. If you have someone you can knit for, it’s great practice.

OH INGRID! Thank you a bazillion times for this link. I have wanted…well, you know that rest. And Cookworm, thanks for asking. I’m so new to this knitting stuff I don’t even know what question to ask.
gentle hugs for both of you,

I made this children’s sweater for my DD. It was easy and fun to watch it take shape. I think the sizing runs small, so I would make one size larger than you think you need.