What's a really stretchy cast-off?

I’m making the Dogosaurus Rex pattern (a dog sweater) from Paton’s. It is knit flat starting at the collar, and then some stitches are cast off for the armholes (or front leg-holes I guess). You then pick the stitches back up to do ribbing for an inch for little sleeves.

I think it would be best to cast off for that area using a really stretchy cast off instead of my usual plain one… do you agree and if so, what is one? I know I learned of a special really stretchy cast off when I was making socks. I think it even was someone’s magic something (to go along with Judy’s Magic Cast On). Does anyone know? :??

Also, the spots on the sweater are supposed to be knit in duplicate stitch, which seems like a royal pain to me. I’m planning to do intarsia. Since it’s knitted flat, I don’t think that should be a problem, other than deciding where to put the spots.

Check out the pattern link - the first photo on is KH’s own Arielluria’s project for her dog Cricket. :muah: Very cute, too bad this pattern is out of print.

I am a freaking idiot. :chair:

Arielluria’s Rav notes list AND link to Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff. So I guess that is where I got the idea.

Sooo… any thoughts on the intarsia thing?

Jeny’s is a great bind off to use. Here are a few more.
I agree with you about duplicate st here. You could also consider using fair isle (carrying the background color across the back of the spots) for the spots since they are so small. Adorable sweater!

Thank you!!! I saw your reply JUST IN TIME!!! :whew:

I decided to do just that - I’m using bobbins for the spots but carrying the background color all the way across. The instructions get confusing as heck when you start binding off the leg holes so it will be wise to have just one ball of the main color in play.

I really hope this sweater fits - some of the Rav projects are so cute. I hope my big girl looks as cute. :slight_smile: