What's a good first sock pattern?

I’m getting an itch to try to knit a pair of socks…even if they turn out very badly, I can say that I learned how to knit a pair! :teehee:

So, what’s a good first pattern for a new sock knitter that knows [I][U]NOTHING[/U][/I] about knitting socks, and probably [I][U]nothing[/U][/I] about the terminology involved with sock knitting? Do they make patterns for knitted tube socks with no heels you have to turn or any other hard-sounding stuff? :rofl: (just kidding)

I really like the “Petticoat Socks” from Melanie Falick’s book, “Weekend Knitting”, but I’ll bet they’re pretty hard for a newbie. Here’s a pic so somebody might be able to tell me if they would be hard.

Then there’s this pattern that looks pretty similar (looks like a feather and fan stitch)–how hard does this look for a first-time sock knitter?

Yeah, they actually do have patterns for tube socks:)

I would actually try Silver’s sock tutorial. Knit your first socks using worsted wt. so you can get the actual structure in your head. Once you have one pair under your belt, you can go on to improvise.

Here is the link www.cometosilver.com/socks/SockClass_Intro.htm

I should’ve known to check out Silver’s information…she’s the sock diva!!! :notworthy: Thanks for your advice, Jeremy, and thanks in advance to Silver for the tutorial! :muah:

Yup was going to say the same thing Silver’s tutorial is great. You can’t go wrong,and using the heavier weight yarn is best. That is how I learned then went on to fingering weight yarn.
Enjoy making your first pair of socks they are addicting :happydance:

Yeah, I personally recommend Silver’s Sock Classes too. I hear they’re pretty nifty! :blooby:

“Hello my name is Katie and I’m a Silver’s Sock Class groupie”

Its really the way to go for the first pair…I’m addicted to it!

Someone suggested Silver’s site to me before, but I haven’t gotten around to starting socks yet. :oops:

I just checked it out and it is great! I believe I can do it with the help of her info.

I bookmarked it for quick access. :teehee:

I was going to suggest Silver’s tutorial too. I haven’t actually started my first pair of socks yet (I have the yarn! I just don’t have the time, LoL), but I’ve read through her tutorial a couple of times, and it seems to be very well written and even makes sense just with a read-through. Usually I need to be doing something as I read about it for it to make sense.

Good luck!

My first socks were done from Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules - her basic sock recipe. For whatever reason, I never had a doubt as to how to proceed. Guess she speaks my language! I recently came across Silver’s tutorial and it looks outstanding!

I tried Campfire Socks on the CiderMoon website for my first pair of socks and they came out great!! Just a suggestion :slight_smile: Good Luck!!