What's a "combined knitter"?

If a continental knitter holds the yarn in their left hand, what is a the difference between a continental knitter and an English knitter from a combined knitter?

“Combined” means that the knitter holds the yarn in the left hand like Continental, but purls by wrapping the opposite way. This make the purling faster, but the purls are twisted, so they have to be knitted through the back loop on the next row to straighten them out.

It’s more like a combination of Western and Eastern knitting than of Continental and English knitting. In Eastern knitting, the stitches sit in the opposite way on the needles from Western knitting. Combined knitters combine the two because when they purl they created twisted stitches, i.e. Eastern stitches. Then when they back across to knit they have to knit through the leg in back of the needle to untwist them, however their knit stitches only untwists the previous stitch and does not create a twisted stitch itself. Therefore, their knit stitch sits in the Western orientation. Thus, they are combined.

Sorry if it’s unclear, I’m a little fuzzy headed from my dentist visit

Anne Modesitt (sp?) showed this on knitty gritty recently. Lemme see if I can find a link…

Well here’s the link to the episode but there’ no movie of her doing the combined method. THeres a really cool pattern for a corset t-shirt though. I also linked her website, maybe there’s more info there:



It sounds hard. :?? Does it make for faster knitting, though? I think it would take too much concentration from me! :rofl:

It will only truly be faster for you if the knitting through the back loops on the return side doesn’t slow you down. Otherwise, you’re good to go.