What're Inc1bel and Inc1aft?

i’m knitting a bikini (woot) and on some of the directions for the bikini bottom it uses Inc1bel and Inc1aft, and i can’t make sense of the instructions:

Inc1bel: increase one stitch in next row below. insert tip of right needle in top of next stitch in row below. knit this stitch. knit next stitch on left needle.
Inc1aft: increase one stitch in second row below. Knit next stitch, insert tip of left needle into stitch on right needle second row below, knit this stitch.

me: :??

does anyone have any idea how to do these? or… any advice on where i could go on this site for knitting videos that would teach me how to do these? thanks!

also, the pattern advises that i use yarn that is gauge of 7 sts and 10rows/inch with 3.75mm (size 5) needles in stocking stitch. i’m not currently located in the us, and i’m not exactly sure how thick the yarn should be… any advice?

I doubt there are videos of these increases since they’re so uncommon.

I think once you have the knitting in front of you and follow the directions, they should become clearer. Basically you’re knitting into stitches from the rows below to get your increases. The directions seem pretty clear, so if you follow them step by step, you should be able to see what needs to be done.

Yarn with a gauge of 7 st per is pretty thin. I’d say it’s in the fingering weight class.


This explains (although not in video) how to knit into the row below.

I know that you’ve gotten some answers already but I’ve had to do this as well in some patterns. Here is the description that helped me “get it”:

“Knit up to the increase. With the left needle, lift the first purl loop (backside of work) under your working yarn - the loop on the back of the work. Knit this loop. The increase is now completed. On the next row, the back side of work, purl the increased stitch.”

So you’re knitting along and it’s time to increase. Leave your working yarn the way it is before you do your next stitch and use the tip of your left needle to lift up the purl side loop from the row below where you are. Knit this new stitch just like you would any other stitch. What this does is puts two stitches into one loop but they are on top of each other rather than beside one another. Does that make sense?

My advice is to make a practice swatch using either the yarn you plan for your project OR something very similar. Just knit a rectangle and practice doing this increase until it feels comfortable. It makes a nice increase without big holes. :thinking: Probably a good thing for a bikini!!!

It took me a few times doing it over and over but… then it just worked and looked really cool! Good luck and let us know how it goes.