Whatcha think?

Ok I need your honest oppinion, please. Do you think this looks funny having a v neck sweater with a cable in the front under the v, it’s a rectangle of purl sts with a tripple cable thing going down. I’m not sure that I’m too hapy with it. Any thoughts? I really wanted a little something at the v of the sweater, but couldn’t find something that I thought was nice, any ideas?


I don’t think it looks funny at all! I think the v neck draws attention to the cable, and for the work that goes into the cable, it should have attention drawn to it! Now, if you’re not happy with it - then that is the only consideration. But personally, I love the color, and I like that the neck draws the eye to the cable. Just my opinion! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it looks funny either. I like it.

Hi! :waving:

If you’re really not happy with it when you get it done, I’ll be happy to send you a self-addressed, stamped shipping box so you can just pop it in and mail it along to me! :slight_smile:

Why? Because I think it’s AWESOME! :yay:

It’s not the usual pattern treatment, the color is lovely and from what I can tell from the photo, your stitching is very professional.

Of course you’ve got to decide for yourself, but if votes count I’d give it a thumbs up! :thumbsup:

Good luck!

Ruthie :clink:

:doh: I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Darn! If it gets lost on the way to Ruthie’s house, it can have a home with me!:rofl:

I think it looks great. The cable going into the V is how I usually do the sleeveless vests I knit for my Dad. I wonder if you would be happier if the purls followed right up until they were worked out by the V shaping? I would be perfectly happy to wear your jersey!

Well I decided to try it on before I made a decision & it was too low cut & too bit around so I ended up :tink: the entire thing :frowning:
O well I’ll cast on for it later, thanks for all y’alls help/ideas/opinions.

Too bad about sizing, it looked great.

I like it. If you decide to reknit it, I’d keep the V-neck because it’s unusual. You might want to consider doing an edging for it in single crochet, to make it a bit more “solid”.

An edging or small neckband might have raised the neckline a little too. Oh well, next incarnation…

too bad you tinked it. I thought it was quite lovely. Good luck on your second go around. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry it was not what you wanted… all that work and lovely even knitting too…