Whatcha' Knitting September, 2023

I am working on a pair of gloves for my grandson Hunter. I am using Knit picks Stroll in the color Rhapsody a blue which he requested.


I’m exactly halfway now. Now the decreases start. This has taken so much longer that it usually would, the puppy, Now mostly I’m knitting after the dogs have gone to bed :laughing:


Puppy and dogs notwithstanding, it’s stunning. Going to be a lovely shawl.

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Here they look like butter wouldn’t melt :rofl:

But they do get chaotic :laughing:


How adorablea and elegant they are. And they appreciate knitting!

They are beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wish they appreciated the knitting a little more and gave me a little time to do it… They know not to go near needles and yarn, but the knitting happens when they are dozing. My dachshund will just sit to the side of my leg while I knit, but my Setter is just a puppy so she needs to play all the time, which I love, but knitting is a slow process for the time being.


Lalla, this was not old news to me, but new news. It’s brilliant. I read your trick a 3eek ago and I have not been knitting every day but when I have been jnitting I have kept thinking of this but always when I had no one here to fetch me an elastic band (and I’m bed bound ormrsther floor bound until I get surgery!). Well, today I remember to ask for an elastic band when i had someone here. I’m not knitting 500 stitches, only 97 but even so they kept falling down my cable and the weight was making my intarsia loose. I cut my band in 2 and positioned 1 near the left end and one near the right end (knitting flat but on circulars) so one supports the stitches to be worked and the other the worked stitches. I have much less weight pulling at my knitting now. It’s a great help!
Thanks for sharing this tip.
Anyone who hasn’t tried this should give it a go, I believe it would help with tension too by reducing the weight of any garment or blanket pulling down on the stitches.

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I’m SO happy it’s helped, Creations - wish I could have brought you an elastic band sooner, and so sorry that you are having such a hard time. At least now maybe the intarsia will work better! And you are right, it really does improve tension generally, with taking the weight off. I do so hope it helps others, and I do so hope you get your surgery soon; thinking of you.

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That’s beautiful-nice work! Like the colors also!

Both beauties. I love pups. Even if they do get in your knitting

Those are all stunning. Keep us posted?