Whatcha' Knitting September, 2023

Ah, September with the promise of cooler weather and relief from a sweltering summer for many of us. Have you been knitting or crocheting in preparation for the change of seasons? We’d love to see what you’ve made or what you’re thinking of making.



I love this photo.
What I really like and also what surprises me is that one lad is a picker (working yarn can be see coming from left hand) and one a flicker (working yarn can be seen coming from right hand and also the index finger is raised to tension and flick the yarn) which seems to indicate these lads have been taught different styles by different people - unexpected.

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An intarsia swatch, just finished drying.
I’m using a Drops set in sleeves sweater pattern for basic pattern measurement with adjustments on the sizing, along with my son’s own 9 colour design of some characters he’s made up and drawn onto chart paper. It is a busy design and will have lots of intarsia strands in different colours on every row.
He’s chosen his colours from the Drops Karisma yarn pallet which is a washable wool in dk weight.
The Karisma felt a little scratchy to knit with but is nice and soft after one wash, I would wear it against my skin without a problem.

It will be quite the project!
All those intarsia strands plus he wants a pocket - I’ve never made a pocket in a sweater and the pattern doesn’t include one so I’ll need to get some advice on how to incorporate a pocket when I have cast in for this.

Swatch is edged with an icord and will be used as an applied pocket on a pair of coloured jeans or chinos so he will have a matching trouser and sweater set.
Whilst it may sound like I’m knitting for a 3 year old, he is already 12.


Tessellated Pullover using Mad Tosh, Schoppel, and Emma’s Yarn.
I started this on August 16. It’s very slow and tedious knitting but I hope to get it done by the end of September.


How beautiful! This is going to be lovely.

Beautiful work and worth the careful pace!

Excellent multi-use of a swatch!
(Checking pattern guage, testing intarsia technique, and using it as a pocket to coordinate trousers with the sweater. )


I love the word…


… and your pattern.

Thank you.

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Thank you. This project and I have a love hate relationship.

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I’ve been in that kind of relationship with one sweater in particular. I had to force myself to knit a row a day with fine yarn on tiny needles. In the end I loved the result and wear the sweater every chance I get.


It’s actually an easy knit, just slow for me. Someone on Ravelry wrote that she finished it in 2 weeks!

Thanks for sharing that struggle. It helps knowing a master knitter faces challenges. I assume you are a master knitter by the detailed responses you give those of us with questions. Also, you understand the questions which often baffle me.

Well, an experienced knitter rather than a master but thank you. That means I’ve seen all the same problems and had many of the same questions and … done a lot of ripping out.

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Master or experienced, you are still a treasure to this site.


You are too kind. Thank you.

I have been obsessed with this top worn by Carey Mulligan in Drive. I want to knit it, so am reverse designing it (?). Mandarin collar with lace work, body: background of reverse stockinette, cap sleeves. Thinking of linen, maybe Sparrow. My main question today is: how to knit the vertical columns. If you look closely, looks like a YO on both sides, with a raised st in the middle. I put in columns on the sides of my recently finished Suri Top (mostly to add a little interest to the knitting process without upsetting the overall vibe):

RS sl:p WS sl:p

(First photo is RS, second WS)

So, although the WS pic shows a similar column, there are no YO and the row doesn’t really stand up.

Also, not grass stitch as used by Hinterm’s Grassland.

Soooo, any ideas?

Thank you as always!


I opened the photo in another tab and enlarged it. Because it’s worked in a dark color and is hard to see I can’t tell much other than it looks like it was knitted side to side. I wonder if it’s a machine knit that can’t be exactly duplicated with hand knitting. It’s interesting and attractive, I can see why you want to figure out how to do it.

I especially like collar and sleeves. No wonder you wanna replicate, it is gorgeous and nice color too.

I finally finished my Leaving sweater by Anne Hanson. I used Jody Long Alba in the color Pigeon. Started in January 2022, but other projects got in the way.