Whatcha' Knitting, September, 2022

Welcome September, and depending on your location, cooler weather. Here’s a chance to wear some of your knitted or crocheted items. Which are you looking forward to pulling out of storage?

What are you working on or planning? We’d love to see what you’ve finished and what’s on your needles or hooks.

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I just cast off my first “blanket throw”. Yea!! Need to weave in ends and then I guess I plan to wash and dry. Seems too big to consider actually “blocking”. Since care for yarn says machine wash on delicate and tumble dry on low. I feel treating it this way will set all the stitches, so to speak. Any other thoughts… then I will post a pic.


I have this top back on the needles

It’s the Drops 60 - 6 nordic brocade pattern.
I added long sleeves and then put it aside and made a few other things whilst I waited for another ball of yarn to be delivered and waited for my brain to work out what I wanted to do next.
The sleeves went straight down without shaping and I didn’t like how they fitted or draped so I experimented with fixing that.
Ahhh…its the small pleasures… achieving a small and simple goal can give such happiness.
I wanted a rib cuff which fitted quite snuggly and long like fingerless gloves. One of the things I don’t like about rib edges is the sudden change in pattern and all those inc/dec at the rib transition, so my goal was a smoother transition with all the decreases on the purl stitches allowing all the knit stitches to flow from sleeve to cuff uninterrupted.
Yes small pleasures!
I “did maths” sooooo many times and finally came up with a decrease and rib pattern that I liked. It’s a k2, p4 rib with a k5 panel on the outer arm where I am going to add a very small pink detail in duplicate stitch.

There are so many things ‘wrong’ with this sweater but I somehow like it and feel motivated to keep going towards making it wearable.


KnittinGigi, do you have space to dry your blanket flat for the first dry? Perhaps not pinning out but just flat or folded may have a good blocking effect so it holds shape for subsequent washing and drying?

Creations, I’m so glad you are finishing up this top. It’s lovely.

KnittingGigi, Congrats on the first throw! You really can’t do better than following the ballband instructions.


Throw all finished. Washed and dried. Very pleased with results. One Xmas gift completed!

Hard to see but it is actually a blue not grey. Bernat blanket yarn in smoky blue


Looks lovely and snuggly! And well done you on getting started for Christmas, I’ve barely even thought about what gifts to get/make yet!

Wonderful blanket which is soft and cushy. This yarn is perfect for the pattern.

Thanks. It’s not that it’s a hard project. Rather just a big project. It is so soft. But the yarn wasn’t the easiest to work with. Kept twisting but it’s finished. Actually the bernat blanket twist is much easier to use. I’m working on a a blanket for my granddaughter and it’s going much faster.



Just Finished this Bucket hat with Handmade button. I cannot find a larger button for this project so I decided to make it myself. The color of this button is Pinkish but, I guess the lights made it look like Purple.


Great looking hat and button embelishment!

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Absolutely beautiful and well done on your adaptations!


Thank you! :blush:

Thank you

Gorgeous hat! Love it :blush:

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So beautiful :blush:

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So cute :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Crochet Green Bay Packer sweater for my Maltese puppy. She’s only 4 pounds and hard to fit. So I make it.


The hat looks great! How big is the button and how did you make it?